Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pick ‘em Today, Play ‘em Tomorrow

One week left – that’s it. Down to the nitty gritty. It’s time to check the standings and break it down – where can you really lose or gain? Keep an eye on the rosters of the guys you’re chasing, too – if the guy has, say, Kevin Garnett and Yao Ming, you’re more likely to catch him in blocks and boards than you thought. With that in mind, here’s who I’ve got my eye on while filling my unused games:

PG: Damon Jones, CLE
If LeBron does indeed miss his first game of the year, that will be 30+ points that will have to be scored with the rest of the Cavs. With Big Z still hurting a bit, and Larry Hughes still spotty, that scoring onus will fall on Jones, Drew Gooden, and Flip Murray. While the latter two are probably owned already, Jones should be on your waiver wire, seeing as how he’s sucked balls this year. What busts he and Donyell Marshall have been, huh? Anyways, if you need threes, here’s you man. He won’t help you anywhere else, even a little bit, but there are plenty of teams that need those 3’s this time of year.

SG: Tony Allen, BOS
Allen has been seeing extra time already with Wally Szczerbiak out for the season, but now that Delonte West is hurting as well, he’s a great option at the point. He’s posted multiple steals in 6 of the last 7 games, same with double-digit points, and he’s shot over 50% in each of those contests. He won’t give you assists unless West doesn’t play, which right now looks about 50/50, but he’s still a nice play.

SF: Justin Reed, MIN
You wanna see an ugly game? How about Minnesota (without Kevin Garnett, Ricky Davis, and Rashad McCants) against Houston (without Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady) last night? Yikes. Last night’s game was probably watched by about 8 people, and that’s what it deserved. Still, it looks like Justin Reed has settled in to Dwane Casey’s rotation for the final few games, seeing 21, 26, and 32 minutes in the last three games. He won’t help you anywhere in particular but he’ll contribute a little everywhere except for threes, and is a fine choice to use up some games.

PF: Tim Thomas, PHO
Thomas has been on and off fantasy rosters ever since his move to Phoenix, and now is a great time to pick him up after he started and saw big minutes in his last game. Thomas is a classic “risk” player, but this late in the game your tolerance for risk has to be going up, meaning Thomas should be on a roster in your league by the time he hits the court tomorrow night.

C: Loren Woods, TOR
If he played enough minutes to qualify, Woods’ 3.35 blocks per 48 minutes would put him 10th in the NBA, just in front of Adonal Foyle. Woods has been wearing a suit more often than a jersey this year, but he’s gotten into the last five games and with Matt Bonner out for the year, he should continue to see at least 15-20 mpg and accumulate 1-2 blocks in each of those games, starting Friday against Detroit.


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