Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pick ‘em Today, Play ‘em Tomorrow

Who wants to vote to just end fantasy basketball one week early next year? I kid, of course. I love you fantasy basketball. But nonetheless, the end of this season has been absolutely murderous for fantasy players – is it just me, or does this year seem worse than years past? Personally, I’m dealing with Ricky Davis being shut down because he’s over 22 years old, Jason Richardson sitting because, well, he can, and Yao Ming legitimately breaking his foot. So who’s to be had?

PG: Tyronn Lue, ATL
Has anyone ever looked more like a Ferengi than Tyronn Lue? I mean, without using makeup? Ridiculous. Still, Lue’s return to the court has been very quiet, and he’s not seeing the minutes that he really needs to be effective, but he’s posted double-digit points for four games in a row, so that should count for something. He won’t help in assists, but for a one-game play tomorrow, you could do much worse. Other option: Keyon Dooling.

SG: Alan Anderson, CHA
Yeah I know, I'm reaching. But first the Bobcats dropped Kareem Rush, then they saw DM-fave Bernard Robinson go down with a sprained finger, and all of a sudden they've essentially got 4 guards on their roster: Raymond Felton, Brevin Knight, Kevin Burleson, and Anderson. Burleson never get any court time, and Knight has no business being anywhere near the 2-guard, so that leaves Anderson to play maybe 20 minutes tomorrow night against the Grizzlies. He put up 11/3/3 in just 17 minutes the other night, and he's not afraid to shot the three, so why not? Other options: Rashad McCants, Tony Allen.

SF: Rasual Butler, NOK
Here's a fun question to keep you up at night (or at your desk during the day): What does the "O" stand for in "NOK": Orleans, or the beginning of Oklahoma? Anyhow, a hurting Desmod Mason and David West means that Butler will be a fine option against Seattle's sieve-like defense. He's probably your best option if you're looking for threes and have games to burn at SF. Also, he’s an impending free agent, so a nice run at the end of the year here could pick him up some nice cash in the offseason. Other options: Chuck Hayes, Marvin Williams.

PF: Stromile Swift, HOU
Yao Ming going down might be killer for some fantasy teams (ding ding ding!), it presents an opportunity for others. Perennial disappointment, ex-FBB fave and current FBB least-fave Stromile Swift has a nice chance of having a decent game here while facing other FBB least-fave Eddie Griffin. Right now it's all about playing the odds, and this is a nice chance to take on Wednesday. Other options: Eddie Griffin, Austin Croshere.

C: Brendan Haywood, WAS
I’ve got a bit of a love-hate relationship with Haywood. This is the first year that he has really shown NO progress, and in fact may have regressed a little bit. He’s big, for sure, and can rebound and block shots when he wants to, but he’s also been a bit of a crybaby this year and has struggled for playing time a bit. But with Etan Thomas still hurting, he’s a nice option at C. Other option: Dikembe Mutombo.


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