Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Luke-Warm Pickups

As we near the end of the fantasy season, it’s important to recognize that you’re not going to find those awesome pickups that you always spend time trolling for during the first half of the year. And as you look for players to fill those extra games you’ve got lying around, your standards have to drop a bit. Remember – even if you play a guy who gets 2 points, a rebound and an assist, that’s 2 more points, one more rebound and one more assist than you’d have if you just let an extra game go by. With that in mind, let’s see if we can find some guys who are good bets for a single game here or there:

Nate Robinson, G, NYK
Robinson’s got a couple of things going for him. One, he qualifies at both guard positions, which mean that he’s got added value for those filling games. Two, with Stephon Marbury still out, Larry Brown may be forced to play him as Steve Francis’s backup. And three, even if he doesn’t see a bunch of minutes, he’s still a good bet for a three or a steal as long as he gets on the court. Of course, he does have the major negative of being under the rule of Larry Brown, who may be the most hated man in all of fantasy basketball, even surpassing Hubie Brown of a few years ago. As of yesterday, Robinson looked like a great play. As of this morning, it’s a slightly different story as news comes out that he was nearly sent to the D-League a month ago. But Robinson, who plays three times over the next four days, is still a nice game-filler for those of you with extra guard games.

Antonio McDyess, PF, DET
With Rasheed Wallace being suspended for tonight’s game, McDyess will likely be counted on for 30+ minutes. But even when he’s seeing his typical 20 or so mpg, he’s still a nice asset. He’ll contribute in both defensive categories, rebounds, and recently he’s been on a bit of a scoring streak. Also, with the playoffs approaching, McDyess is a strong candidate for more playing time as Ben Wallace and Sheed get a little rest now that the playoffs have been clinched. It’s also a possibility that Dale Davis will see some extra time off the Piston pine, but probably not enough to make him worthwhile.

The Phoenix Chuckers
Any of these guys – James Jones, Leandro Barbosa, Eddie House, Tim Thomas, Raja Bell – could be a fine pickup if you’re looking for threes. With Mike D’Antoni allowing his players to shoot at will, and Steve Nash putting them in position to do just that, the Suns not only take the most threes of any team in the league, they also make the highest percentage of them. The problem is knowing who’s going to have the hot hand from night to night. Last Friday, Barbosa exploded for 28 points – the next game, he was held to 10. But all of them, on average, will give you at least one three and maybe 8-10 points with a spattering of other stats.

Martell Webster, G/F, POR
While the rest of his team is a complete disaster, Webster will have an opportunity to strut his stuff over the final few weeks of the season. He’ll have his ups and downs, but in the end he’ll be a big help in threes, and should contribute in points and FT% as well. Anything more than that might be asking too much, but he’s also a candidate for one of those out-of-nowhere breakout games as well.


Anonymous Kuus said...

What is your view on the values of Larry Hughes and Marc Jackson for the rest of the fantasy playoffs? How would you rate Marc Jackson compared to Darko?

11:44 AM  
Blogger TKI said...

larry huges is back tonight.. we'll see how he does.. but, im pretty sure he'll take back the starting position over ronald murray.

3:38 PM  
Anonymous bigmrpig said...

In 10 games at center, Carlos Boozer's worst game has been a 9 point 11 board effort. Second worst game: 15-7. Every other game has been at least 19 points with 2 30 pointers. That 15-7 game was also his low for rebounding since starting at center. 1 game at 7, 1 game with 8 boards, the rest were all 9+.

And not since his first game at center has he had less than 3 assists. He's even reached 7 in the category.

Where do you see Carlos Boozer going in drafts next year?

He's been playing like a 1st rounder since starting at center. Do you see him slipping past the 2nd round because of injury reasons? Where would you draft him?

11:31 PM  
Blogger DM said...

Boozer's been better than anyone could have hoped after returning from what was basically a full season off. His center-eligibility is quite nice, too, but he's still not a first two round pick. He's a monster in boards and FG%, but he doesn't block shots or offer significant assists like Brad Miller.

Right now he looks like a fourth round pick, but let's see what happens in the offseason.

9:55 AM  

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