Monday, March 20, 2006

When Basketball Takes a Back Seat

We love our NBA basketball here at FBB. We live for it, you might say. But sometimes, our love of basketball has to take a backseat to other things in life. Such as following the Silver Jews around on their first ever tour. Now you might not know who the Silver Jews are and you probably don’t care, but the point remains that sometimes we can’t follow fantasy basketball happenings as much as we want to, but it doesn’t mean we have to let our teams suffer. So here’s my way of dealing with being mostly out of the loop for a few days, as I was this weekend.

The first thing you need to do before you leave your world of ready access to a computer is set your lineup. This sounds sort of obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget. And at the same time, different leagues have different ways of setting lineups. Just because you put someone in there on Friday doesn’t mean he’ll still be in there on Saturday. This is obviously of even more importance as we get later into the season and every game matters. If you have to set your lineup for a long(ish) stretch of time, I always like to play it somewhat safe. Your studs will be in there all the time, that goes without saying. As for fringe players, it’s a tough call. T.J. Ford is never a sure thing, but I needed assists lately, so I had him in the lineup. But still, better safe than sorry is the way to go here. If games are at a premium, then it’s best to use them when you know you’ll have plenty of information at your disposal.

There’s always the possibility of leaving your password info with a trusted confidant and having him change your lineup should anything come up. This is not something I’m into. Sure, I’d totally trust BV not to fuck up my lineup or write hateful e-mails to everyone in my address book, but there’s just something that rubs me the wrong way about having someone else in my team.

So when you’re gone, you’re gone, there’s not so much you can do. If you’ve got Internet on your phone – and I would think most people do at this point – that’s a good way to keep track of at least your players. I made sure to check on my guys, but not too fanatically. One time per evening, after all the games were over. If you’re going to without ready access, I say to just let it go as much as possible. It’s always good to get a break to refresh, so don’t be constantly waiting for your phone to load while you’re on that break.

Catching up on info when you get back is the big thing. If you’re away for just a few days, it’s pretty easy to get up to speed on what you missed. The first thing to do is check all the box scores, but also make sure to read the game recaps. The numbers are important, but you need to know how those numbers came about. Did someone have a great fourth quarter that might lead to more playing time? Did someone have a big game because another player got ejected? This is key. Check whichever news blurb site you prefer and do a quick scan through the days you missed. You don’t need to painstakingly read each one – if it simply says that someone had a big game you’ve probably discerned that from the box score – but check for minor injury updates. It’s not a bad idea to read the hometown papers about your own players.

Check your league’s transaction list. This is actually one of the top priorities. You need to know what players were picked up and what new players are available. There’s no worse feeling than seeing someone get plucked off the free agent list and saying, “Wait, he was available? I would have picked him up had I known!” Don’t just look at the complete list, sort it by add, sort it by drop, to get a better idea. Check the top of your free agent list when you get back to see what the best choices are up there. You always want to know what your best options are in case you have to make a quick move.

Anyone else have any tactics they use to stay competitive while on vacation?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how was/were the silver jews show/shows??

i live in texas and actually bought tickets to drive to see them in virginia on the 16th, but the trip fell through, to my deep regret.

i'd love to hear what songs they played, how were they, etc....

4:43 PM  
Blogger bv said...


Oh, boy. you just opened quite the pandora's box. brace yourself ...


4:46 PM  
Anonymous Charlie said...

Last year I went to Europe for a month in the summer, and my baseball squad went to shit. It was impossible to keep up with trends, matchups, etc even though I successfully had internet access every 2-3 days. But on to more pressing issues.

Zaza is starting to heat up again, but it may have been just due to weaker opponents. I can choose amongst Zaza, Felton, Flip Murray, and Tim Thomas for my last starter this week. I don't need any one category since my league's H2H total average fantasy points. Assists=2, blocks=2.5, rebs=1.5, steals=2.5. Advice?

Also, which of those four guys would you suggest for my playoffs that start March 27?

4:48 PM  
Blogger bv said...

I'd take Felton, particularly b/c your league doesn't count percentages, it seems. The other three are just going to be too inconsistent to count on during the playoffs.

As for the traveling thing, I actually won my baseball league the year that I spent the frist couple months of the season in europe. It kept me from overanalyzing the draft (which is very easy to do), and from making any quick moves that I would regret, b/c i would only check in every few days, so i reacted to trends, not sudden explosions.

4:58 PM  
Blogger DM said...

Silver Jews shows were lots of fun. Two more this week. If you want to read about them, I wrote thousands of words about them on my blog, Soi Disantra. I think they are going to do another tour later this year or next year and am sure they will come somewhere near you, so don't fret.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

So....I just droppped Josh Howard for Joel Pryzbilla...hopefully he makes a big push for some FA $$$.

Anyways, my real question is about Sammy Dalembert. What is the deal? His playing time has significantly decreased and he still isn't starting. He he could get back to the 10/10/3 line he was putting up earlier in the year then he would be amazingly valuable. But, with the minutes he's playing I just don't see it. I'm going to hold on to him for the next week, but when the playoffs start if he still isn't performing then I'll probably have to drop him for the likes of someone else (Jeff Foster most likely).

Anyways, what do you guys think? Will Dalembert make it back to decent form, or will he continue to be a fantasy dud as he is right now. I'm in 3rd in my H2H league and we have 12 cats including minutes, rebounds and offensive rebounds...if Foster can keep his crazy pace up then I'll have to grab him...but it'll be hard parting with Dalembert...especially if he wakes up over the course of the next few weeks.

Thanks for any advice.

11:39 PM  
Blogger DM said...

Dalembert is rapidly climbing my Hate List. You'll remember that a month or two ago I traded BV Yao Ming and Brevin Knight for Dalembert and Jason Terry with the hope of making a run in FG% and blocks. (As great as Yao is in FG%, Knight is just as bad and Terry is that good for a guard.) Anyway, it was working out wonderfully for both of us until Dalembert got a bit banged up and Mo Cheeks realized he had an IQ of 76. Horribly frustrating.

I'm holding onto Dalembert just because I'm right on target with my games played, so I have room on the bench for someone I can't use. But if you have games to make up, it might be best to just cut bait. He's been back for 10 games now and hasn't played more than 21 minutes in any of them. He could go back into the lineup at any time, but that's just how things work in the NBA.

10:06 AM  

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