Friday, March 24, 2006

Head-to-Head's Up (3/27-4/2)

Oh My God, Becky... Did you see those second round games last night?!? Love the Tourney. Anyways, NBA Week 3/27-4/2 features several players “Returning with a Vengeance.” Here’s a look.

Five Games: Phoenix.
Four Games: Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Golden State, Indiana, Memphis, Miami, New Jersey, New Orleans, Sacramento, Seattle, Utah, Washington.
Three Games: Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Houston, LAC, LAL, Milwaukee, Minnesota, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Portland, San Antonio, Toronto.
Two Games: Boston.

Plug ‘em in, Plug ‘em in:
The Phoenix Suns, G/F/C
– As if this squad wasn’t loaded with enough fantasy ballers already, now they have Amare STUDemire back in uniform and they play five games next week. Amare made his season debut last night and led the team with 20 points and 9 boards in only 19 minutes of action! All five starters are no-brainer plug-ins next week, plus Barbosa and Tim Thomas are worthy of consideration.

Jermaine O’Neal, F/C – O’Neal was supposed to be out until the playoffs with a torn groin muscle, then all of sudden he practices a couple times this week and was back in action on Wednesday night, posting 16 and 6 in 25 minutes. Many dropped the injured big man, but some shrewd owners with room on their bench stashed him just in case he recovered quickly (Jackpot!). If he can avoid any setbacks O’Neal will help you make that final push into your fantasy hoops playoffs. With four matchups on tap, you should get him in your lineups right away.

Josh Childress, G/F – J-Chill returned last Friday after missing five games with an ankle sprain. He was back to his old efficient self on Wednesday with a super game, delivering 17/12/5 with 3 steals and a three on 7 for 9 shooting. Four games from Childress should be more productive than say Paul Pierce’s two contests next week. You gotta love his across-the-board contributions in your H2H league.

Mike Dunleavy, SF – I generally share BV’s contempt for Mike Dunleavy and his overrated “skill set,” but that’s not to say I wouldn’t consider plugging in the former Blue Devil (eat it Duke!) for four games this coming week. Mickael Pietrus may have been the one who was hot in February, but after hitting a wall toward the end of the month (8 for 37 shooting), he was yanked from the starting rotation in favor of Dunleavy. Dunleavy has been shooting well since returning to the SLU a couple weeks ago and is averaging 21/8/4 and 2 treys over his last four games. Ride the wave and start Junior for four contests this week.

Sebastian Telfair, PG – Raise your hand if you’ve seen “Through the Fire: Sebastian Telfair’s Defining Year,” or better yet just post a comment. The documentary that chronicles Bassy’s jump from Lincoln High School to the NBA just came out on DVD a couple weeks ago and it’s next on my Netflix queue. Telfair was a preseason breakout candidate but has struggled with injuries, gun charges, and former Terrapins outplaying him on the court for most of ’05-’06. Well, he’s now back in the starting lineup ready to build some momentum going into next season. Sebastian has put up nice numbers (17/3/4 with 1.8 threes) in four games this week. As long as he’s in Portland’s starting lineup he belongs in yours.

Mike Miller, G/F – Time for some nickname tryouts: ‘MiMi’? ‘Eminem’? ‘Mike Miller Genuine Draft’? ‘Goofy White Chocolate’? Miller dropped 41 points against the Nuggets on March 17th and still finds himself coming off the Grizzlies’ bench. What’s a brotha gotta do to secure a starting gig in this league? (Keep in mind some dude named Royal Ivey has started 50 consecutive games now for the Hawks) M&M is hitting a career high 1.9 from long range this season and had another great game last night contributing 21/14/4 and 3 treys in a win over the Clips. Sure Coach Mike Fratello may love his energy off the bench, but all we want is assurance that Miller will get the playing time (30+ min) he deserves. Memphis tips off four times this week, so don’t hesitate, it’s Miller Time!

Darko?... Orlando only plays thrice next week, but if he remains in the starting lineup he may well be worth it.

Kwame?... ehhh No, not quite yet.


Blogger Tony Robots said...

Is there a site that lists the number of games each team plays per (fantasy) week? I'd love to be able to look ahead.


8:06 AM  
Blogger PR said...

Well, Fantasy BasketBlog is obviously your best source for fantasy insight, but the number of games played each week can also be found at under the 'schedule grid.'

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