Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bad News Bosh

At this point in the year, when opportunity knocks, you’ve gotta be ready to answer the door. And opportunity just knocked in the form of Chris Bosh going down “indefinitely,” as in, for awhile. It’s not every day that a guy who leads his team in points and boards goes down, and now there are 15.5 shots a game that were going to Bosh that are up for grabs. Now, granted, Mike James, Charlie Villanueva, and Morris Peterson will get the majority of those shots, but there are a few guys on the waiver wire that could now be useful to a couple of teams. Let’s take a look at them:

Pape Sow
Sow, who was drafted in 2004 by the Heat and subsequently dropped, surfaced once last year with the Raptors, and then was resigned in August and thrown into the D-League. He wasn’t really expected to do much there, but then out of nowhere put together 19.7/11.6 with 1.4 steals and 1.6 blocks with the Arkansas Rimrockers. So now, he’s back in the NBA, and – for some reason – he’s been starting at center for the Raptors on a consistent basis. And though he’s “starting” in that at the beginning of the game he’s on the court, he is by no means your typical starter, only seeing 17 minutes in games that he starts. But in those 17 minutes, he’s putting up decent lines – 4.8/4.1 with 1 steals and .5 blocks.

So you would expect that with Bosh out, Sow would start seeing more minutes, but I don’t think it’s going to happen to the extent that it could. Sow’s inability to stay on the court isn’t as related to the minutes available to him as it is to his tendency to get into foul trouble. On Sunday against Milwaukee for example, he fouled out in a season-high 27 minutes. Last Friday he picked up 5 fouls in just 15 minutes on the court, and last week against the Knicks amassed 4 fouls in just 10 minutes. Still, his potential to put together nice defensive numbers while not damaging your percentages means that he’s worth a waiver for those of you with extra games to play at center.

Matt Bonner
If you’re planning on making a run in threes, and Bonner is sitting on your waiver wire, you’re just not working hard enough. Since the All-Star break, he’s been seeing about 25 mpg and knocking down 1.8 3’s per contest, all while qualifying at C, which makes him invaluable to certain fantasy squads. This should be enough to make Bonner picked up in those leagues where he hasn’t been grabbed yet. He should be good for 30 mpg and at least 2 3’s while Bosh is out, while contributing spectacular FT% from the C spot. Granted, he won’t be at the line all that much, but finding a center who simply won’t hurt you at FT% is a major bonus.

Rafael Araujo
Ha ha, of course I’m kidding. Araujo isn’t just in the dog house, he’s … um … he lives in the dog house? He signed a lease? Anyways, the point is, crying isn't gonna bring him back, unless your tears smell like dog food. So you can either sit there crying and eating can after can of dog food until your tears smell enough like dog food to make your dog come back -- or you can go out there and find another player.


On a side note, this doesn’t deserve it’s own column, but what the hell has gotten into Ben Wallace lately? I mean, I understand that he’s not exactly a “good” free throw shooter, but he might be single-handedly ruining my fantasy team with his performance lately. In March, he’s been shooting 25.5% from the line. That’s not just paltry, it’s pathetic. C’mon, Big Ben …


Anonymous Kuus said...

What can I expect from Chucky V while Bosh is out? Any predictions.... Also, who do you think is more valuable: Chucky or Peja? The guy I am going up against this week (I play in a H2H league) is a 3machine, so threes are not too important to me.

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Andy said...

A month and a half ago, I thought I looked great at center. I had Bosh as my #1 guy providing points, boards, and great percentages. My #2, Sam Dalembert, was the leading shotblocker in the league. Now that the playoffs roll around, of course they are both nearly worthless. I managed to pick up Jeff Foster and Chris Wilcox, but they don't exactly fill the void. I hate this damn game. :P

11:24 AM  
Blogger bv said...

Kuus...I'm assuming you mean Charlie V? Well, i'm a huge fan, and i'd put him in your lineup over peja if 3's aren't a concern. He'll contribute in the defensive categories and with bosh out should see a nice bump in rebounds. He'll be needed more on the inside which could cut into his 3's, but that sholdn't concern you.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Bimbo said...

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1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

andy, that is uncanny.

i have Bosh and Dalembert as well. I also have Shaq (who will be resting after the Heat clinch). my remaining 2 Cs are Zaza and Wilcox. Yet another first round oust is in the offing. :/

I'm in a shallow H2H league with locked rosters during the playoffs (injured players excepted). I'm not giving up (although the prospects are dim), so if i drop Bosh (should i drop Bosh?), who should i grab? Darko, Raef, Matt Bonner, Lorenzen Wright, Przy or Foster? i could just eschew the C position and go for the best available player (josh childress, josh howard, ) but right now I'm just scrambling for a strategy.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Andy said...

I don't want to drop Bosh either, but it would make little sense for Toronto to run him out there for a few meaningless games in the last week of the season if there is any chance of reinjury. I have the same quandary regarding whether to pick up another center or just run with Foster & Wilcox. I did add Kwame Brown (sigh) as well.

Of the guys you listed, who you should pick up kind of depends on the rest of your roster. Foster if you need boards, Przybilla or Darko if you need blocks, Raef or Bonner for threes. If you think you can get by with just Zaza & Wilcox, Childress is a great pickup right now since he's playing well and the Hawks have a favorable schedule.

11:03 AM  

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