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Three Guys We’d Like to See Traded.

If there’s one thing that we’re terrible at here at FBB, it’s predicting NBA trades. Still, that doesn’t mean we don’t have our wish list of guys we’d like to see switch teams. Here are three of them. Who would YOU like to see dealt?

1. Stephon Marbury. Full disclosure: I’ve been a Marbury owner all year. But that doesn’t mean I can just stand by and watch his value drop without wishing he would be traded. When you look at it, though, his numbers aren’t all that down. Sure his 18.2 ppg are his lowest in 9 years, but it’s not that far off his 20.4 career average. Yes, his 6.9 apg are a career low, but it’s not all that bad. Still, they’re not the only problems. His steals, percentages, and most of all, his threes are down from last year.

My main problem is with the threes. The Knicks were expected to be among the leaders in 3PA this year after adding known chucker Quentin Richardson to Marbury and Jamal Crawford. But no! Larry Brown has all but eliminated three pointers from the Knicks system, as th ey're actually putting up the third-least three's in the league. All three of these guys have cut their 3PA in half, seriously hurting all of their value. Meanwhile, Marbury is stewing, injured (probably), and clearly unhappy, while the Knicks just added another guy who needs the ball all the time (Jalen Rose). This isn’t good for anyone – the Knicks, Marbury, or his fantasy owners. PLEASE trade Steph.

2. Theo Ratliff. Now, I know, his contract (11.6M each of the next two years) makes him nearly impossible to deal. But I’m not so much concerned with Theo getting more time – I’m interested in seeing Joel Przybilla get about 10 more mpg, which just isn’t happening with Ratliff on his back. Przybilla was extremely overvalued by many fantasy players heading into this year, and hit the waiver wires in many leagues as he wasn’t quite able to live up to his big surge late last year.

Still, his problem hasn’t been production as much as it’s been minutes. His per 35 minute stats - 9.1/9.7 with 3.5 blocks – are pretty similar to what Sam Dalembert has been doing in his breakout year with the Sixers. The problem hasn’t been foul trouble – his 2.7 fouls are pretty reasonable for a center and actually lower than last year’s 3.1. The only reason I can see for the Trail Blazers to hold back on Przybilla is because they’re paying Ratliff so much freaking money, they’ve got to play him. Free the Perz! PLEASE trade Theo.

3. Andres Nocioni. Nocioni has the potential to be an FBB fave, he just doesn’t get enough minutes to really have an impact. Part of the problem has been foul trouble – for example, he picked up 5 in just 21 minutes against the Hawks last week, and fouled out against Denver in just 18 minutes a few weeks back. But the other problem has been crazy Scott Skiles’ crazy lineup.

Admittedly, Skiles is just working with the hand he’s dealt. Of his 10 players who get consistent playing time, just three (Othella Harrington, Nocioni, and Jannero Pargo) are over 25 years old, and only Harrington and Tyson Chandler have played in the NBA for 4 or more years. There’s just a lot of talent in Chicago that hasn’t been defined yet, and Skiles is still trying to figure out what he’s got.

Nonetheless, fantasy owners don’t have time for patience. And at some point, Skiles and the GM Jim Paxson have to pick who’s going to be worth playing 35 minutes – and who’s going to get you some nice value in the trade market. We vote for packaging Nocioni with another player from their rotation (Mike Sweetney?) for a nice, bigger piece to their puzzle. PLEASE trade Andres.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two words:

Brevin. Knight.

Trading Brevin would open up the offense for Ray Felton to blossom in the 2nd half. Knight's value wouldn't decrease if traded to one of the many teams desperate for a PG.

Another one:

Chris. Wilcox.

I'd love to see what he can do with some minutes on a team like the Nets.


Mike. Dunleavy.

Because I am a Warriors fan.

Thank you.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any of the 6'8'' player on the Hawks.. Actually would love to see childress on a different team where he would get minutes.

12:09 PM  
Blogger T-Plan said...

Hi All - I have a dilemma on my team. Eddie Jones.

He has been terrible lately. Horrible, actually. but can you drop him?

I've been researching a lot and Michkael Pietrus is starting. He looks good too. Although the job might not be permanent, I need the #s he puts up, and he plays a lot when I can use him.

Who thinks EJ will rebound? As a top 30 player on the season, I need to figure this out quickly. And no one in my league will make a fair trade so I can't even sell him at a discount. They think he is old and washed up. They might be correct.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Charlie said...

Brevin has been sick all season with the Bobcats, and the Knight-Felton combo has been insane the last couple of games. It's obvious that Felton's numbers would skyrocket with Charlotte going under his wing, but what about Knight? He's the floor general in Charlotte, and gets free range to shoot and set up the O. On another team, he may not get that free range. If the aforementioned combo can keep putting up #s like last night, I hope Brevin stays put.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous bublitchki said...

I have to wholeheartedly agree with the notion that Brevin Knight should be dealt. Raymond Felton would instantly be transformed into a capital-S Stud should that occur.

Just check out these numbers:

A: 15.5/5.2/10, 2 stls, 0.3 3pm
B: 13.8/4.4/7.1, 1.9 stls, 1.0 3pm

"A" is the stats over the past two weeks for everybody's runaway rookie of the year lock, Chris Paul.

"B" is Raymond Felton's numbers over the same time period. What's impressive is that he achieved them playing (1) four fewer minutes per game than Paul and (2) out of position at SG.

Those numbers would only improve were Knight to be traded and the starting PG job committed to Felton.

2:39 PM  
Blogger JM said...

Trading Al Harrington and/or Josh Smith, would open more playing time for Josh Childress to shine.

Trading Jerry Stackhouse and/or Keith Van Horn would be great for Josh Howard and Marquis Daniels, two upandcomers. Dallas is like Atlanta - way too many swingmen.

Trading Austin Croshere would give Danny Granger plenty of minutes to build on his (already impressive) rookie season.

Take your pick of Bulls to trade (i.e. Sweetney,Songaila,Harrington) which could orce Skiles to use consistent rotations where people know there roles. That would make me happy as a Chandler owner.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks in advance for your sage advice.

I've just been offered a very intersting proposal.

I get: Y. Ming, R. Artest, and V. Radmanovic
I give: M. Camby, A. Iguodala, S. Battier

If this was preseason, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

But I'm not so sure right now. I lose a good number of rebounds and blocks, and my FG% suffers too. Thoughts?

5:23 PM  
Blogger T-Plan said...

I saw take that Ming/Artest/Radman trade. You can drop Vlad and pick up a guy like Josh Childress to fill in the scrap stats that Battier and Iggy give you. Basically, you're giving up an injury prone stud and 2 unspectacular multi-cat contributors for 2 top-tier guys and a throw-in. You can find value like Battier and Radmanovic on the free agent wire at any time based on their recent production. Vlad ain't very good either way, and Shane has been coming back down to earth.

Try to find an Artest or Ming on the FA wire. Not gonna happen. Trust me, get rid of Camby while you still can. He'll be hurt again by early March.

5:28 PM  
Blogger bv said...

I knew BK would come up in this discussion. I dunno. If you watch the Bobcats (which isn't always easy to do), you've gotta admit that he and Felton make a pretty nice duo. Additionally, Knight would only leave if he was able to go to a contender - and that would mean he'd probably go in a backup capacity, killing his value. I'd agree with charlie here.

As for your trade, anonymous (if that's your real name): Run, do not walk, to the "accept" button.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

True Dat.

Ron is now in fantasy wonderland, also known as Sacramento, and he should put up numbers at least as good as in Indiana this year...probably better.

You also get a center who can be dominant in boards/blocks and not kill you in percentages either. Camby is more injury prone than Yao, even though Yao is coming back.

I guess it depends about who is on the waiver wire to replace Vlad...Battier is a pretty solid all-around player, especially in leagues with TO's.

If only Granger would get PT, then you should grab him. Otherwise, I just grabbed Pietrus and he should be of some value as well.

But I'd do that trade...as an owner of Artest all year long.

7:51 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Which two do you see having the most value over the rest of the year?


I like Pietrus because he'll get starters minutes by playing both SG/SF for Golden State and can put up pretty good numbers, especially if someone goes down.

Nocioni was great for a while, but he has been in a slump or something. Also, he essentially is in a timeshare with Chicago's system.

Granger is also on the bench, but seems like he could be the most valuable of them all as if he was starting then he would probably put up 15/10 with a three and a block....very nice, but not something that I think will necessarily happen.

Pretty much, this is a H2H league. Which two will have the most value throughout the season or during the fantasy playoffs (Yahoo! league).

Other people on the waiver wire include Al Jefferson, Ju. Jones (while Wallace is out)., and a few other people whom I cannot see picking up right now. But you can include them in the list if you like .


2:43 AM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Also, add to that list above, Kevin Martin.

I figured his fantasy value was washed up with Wells returning, but he played solid off the bench and now Wells has been out a few games. He has not been picked up in my league yet (surprisingly) and I'm wondering if I should go for him. However, I'd have to drop Pietrus, Nocioni or Krstic to get him (and dropping Krstic would leave me with b.Miller and Dalembert at center in my daily H2H league).

what says yee.

If Kevin Martin plays 40 minutes like when Wells is out, then its a no brainer...but come the fantasy playoffs.....

5:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In re: to Pietrus vs. Granger vs. Nocioni vs. Martin

My first question first is--what do you need? With these role players, I think its important to concentrate on team balance.

That said, my recommendation on these players is Pietrus and Granger. I think Pietrus has everything to play for, and now the minutes to do so as a start at GS. Granger, likewise, should have room to blossom with the injuries in Indy.

Nocioni puts up a good line, but there is one problem. His name is Scott Skiles.

Martin--nice option, but for how long?

10:22 AM  
Blogger DM said...

With guys like these it always goes back the FBB mantra -- it's all about the minutes. Personally, I think that Granger has the best fantasy game of the bunch. But will he get the minutes? Pietrus is the one in the starting lineup right now, although who knows how long that will last? He can't really shoot, but he hits 3s and gets some steals. I picked him up when I kicked Marko Jaric to the curb for the final time, as he has now officially surpassed Eddie Griffin on my Hate List.

But yeah, these situations are near impossible. Whoever plays is the most valuable. Simple as that.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Giving up Antawn and Hinrich

what do you guys think.. Snyder, cook, fisher, childress, pollard, daniels, watson and juwan are interesting wire pick ups...

I have LB, so I want to have a nice one-two punch going into the playoffs, but I just looked at the schedules, I'm actually giving up one game in the semis and championship rounds (other than the one that is lost from the extra player)

12:30 PM  

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