Friday, January 27, 2006

Head-to-Head's Up (1/30-2/5)

A well-balanced schedule next week in the NBA. Let’s look ahead at 1/30-2/5.

Four Games: Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, LAC, LAL, Minnesota, New York, Portland, Seattle, Utah.
Three Games: Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Golden State, Indiana, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, New Jersey, New Orleans, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Antonio, Toronto, Washington.

Plug ‘em in, Plug ‘em in:
Delonte West, PG – You really gotta give credit to young Delonte West who has developed very nicely in his second season out of St. Joe’s. He obviously won over the trust of coach Rivers and GM Danny Ainge as they had no qualms about including former lottery pick Marcus Banks in the Davis/Szczerbiak deal. In addition to solidifying his spot in the starting rotation, Delonte has improved his numbers each month this season and is currently putting up stats worthy of a third or fourth round pick. In 13 games in January, he’s averaging 14/5/5 with outstanding 56%FG and 84%FT. He’s also hitting 1.5 treys and 1.5 steals in the New Year. West is a no-brainer with four contests this week, including a home game against the Suns.

Juan Dixon, SG – Should we really be surprised at Juan Dixon’s success on such a barren Trailblazers squad this season? Well, Yes and No. Many of us still sport the "Juan Dixon Yo’ Mouth" Maryland Basketball T-shirts and we will never forget his MVP leadership and clutch play in the 2002 NCAA Tourney. BUT, as an undersized shooting guard, he was never really expected to be a big success at the pro level. Lo’ and behold, Juan has now started 18 straight for the Blazers and is putting up some nice numbers in the NBA. Over that span he’s delivering 17/3/4, shooting an impressive 48% and adding 1 long ball and a 1.4 thefts a game. Those are definitely everyday starter’s numbers, so he should be in your lineup for 4 games this coming week.

Eddie Griffin, F/C – After Minnesota pulled off the blockbuster trade that landed Ricky Davis and Mark Blount, Eddie G’s stint as the T-Wolves starting Center may be coming to an end soon. That said, I doubt the newly acquired Blount will be thrust into the starting lineup right away, so this week may actually be your last chance to get some good games out of Eddie Griffin. Plus, is Blount really a step up from the Kandi Man? He’s definitely a better shooter, but he is lazy on the glass and also a turnover machine with terrible hands. He may end up frustrating coach Casey as much as he did Doc Rivers in Boston. Speaking of frustrating, Griffin has given new meaning to the word for his on-again/off-again owners this season (and every season for that matter), but he has been getting some more consistent playing time lately. Over his last four games he has two double-doubles and is averaging 10/9/1 and 2.5 blocks in an encouraging 31 minutes a night. Of course his percentages are terrible, but he does not really shoot enough to hurt you much in either category. His full schedule and matchups against poor defenses (BOS, @POR, @GSW) make him worth the gamble this week.

Melvin Ely, F/C – Here’s another guy you should take full advantage of while you can. Half of the Charlotte Bobcats can be seen on the bench in their "business casual attire" these days, and the team is relieved to have Ely back this week. With Okafor and Sean May out, Euro-Softy Primoz Brezec has been manning the frontcourt and starting alongside what seems to be four guards every night. Charlotte has lost 13 of 14 and they are desperate for whatever help they can get right now. Melvin has been getting back into game shape this week, but should start and see plenty of minutes going forward. Ely makes a decent start next week, facing three suspect defenses (CLE, ATL, LAL) at home.

Tyson Chandler, F/C - Chandler is back in the Bulls SLU and in two games is averaging 13/11/1 and 1.5 blocks, shooting 84% (11 for 13) from the floor. Sure it's a small sample, but Mike Sweetney appears to be in coach Skiles’ doghouse with decreased minutes and two straight DNP’s. Keeping Chandler in your lineup this season has been about as safe as riding on recalled Firestone tires, but he is healthy now and may be primed for a second-half comeback. If you’re struggling to find a center, you could do worse than Chandler and his nice matchups this week (@DAL, @NOR, @PHO).

Also: Don’t forget to start Kobe Bryant... He has four games this week, so he could put up 300+ points.
Stevie Franchise has resurrected his season with some inspired play lately. With Grant Hill and Jameer Nelson still sidelined, he and Turkoglu are picking up the slack.
Antawn Jamison is back to his early season form after Eddie Jordan benched him briefly. In six games since returning to the starting lineup he's been spectacular: 24/10/3, 2.3 treys, 51%FG, 88%FT.

***This week's blockbuster trades will definitely have an impact on fantasy hoops as well. Peja Stojakovic will not suit up tonight but will likely be Indiana's #1 option going forward now that O'Neal has been lost for the season. It will also be exciting to see rapper Ron Artest make his debut with the Kings tonight.
Moving to Minnesota may help Ricky Davis improve on his already stellar numbers. He will get plenty of good dishes from KG and could be the team's new top scorer. Wally Szczerbiak's numbers may take a slight hit, but he will still be a solid contributor in Beantown.
Also, take note of what GM Danny Ainge said after the Celts/T-Wolves trade:
"We feel like we were moving Mark [Blount] to free up minutes and opportunities for Kendrick Perkins and Al Jefferson... We wanted to make it easier for the development of Kendrick and Al. That's a priority of ours."
Now that is music to the ears of Jefferson/Perkins owners. Out with the old, in with the new. It's time to give the young guns 30+ minutes a night. It's a PRIORITY for god's sake! Al Jefferson could have a monster second-half this season if he could just show some consistency.


Blogger JM said...

What do you think of Perkins value going forward?

I'm considering dropping L.Barbosa and/or Kenny Thomas to pick up either T.Chandler,K.Perkins,Jumaine Jones

6:00 PM  
Blogger Domo_kuun said...

trade help:
Someone is offering me Allen Iverson, Kurt Hinrich, and Zach Randolph for Ray Allen, Richard Jefferson and Richard Hamilton...I really don't know what to think about this trade. I LOVE the idea of having three starting guards all capable of high assists numbers, as well as the points Iverson will inevitably bring, but losing Jefferson is my main worry, especially considering the forward I'm getting for him is of obviously inferiro value...opinions?

6:16 PM  
Anonymous bublitchki said...

One look at Perkins line tonight should give you a sense of his value going forward; 13/11/0 with 5 blocks in 27 minutes. He has one of the best rebounbd rates in the league and IS now the Celts' starting C and so you should see similar numbers most nights.

As for Jefferson, his upside is far greater than Perkins. Yet he makes a far less attractive pickup than Perkins at this point. For one thing, he doesn't have C eligibility in Yahoo leagues; secondly he has a problem staying on the floor as he's either getting into foul trouble or pissing off Rivers with his poor defense.

However, once he gets it figured out- watch out. Dude's a superstar waiting to happen.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

I'm currently offering Boris Diaw for Delonte West. What do you guys think of this trade?

Boris's numbers are better overall, but Delonte helps in FG, FT, and three pointers. Also, with the trade, I figure his role will probably expand with the Celtics offense...I'd hope...and he's playing pretty well right now.

Anyways, with Barbosa coming back and possibly Amare...what do you think of this trade.

My league is a very deep H2H league, so I need to compete overall.

Anyways, what do you think of this trade overall? At the time of the playoffs, would this move payoff?

Hopefully the other player won't accept till I get feedback, but at least either way I have Diaw or West on my squad...solid either way. But I'm solid on West, and I'll be sure to try and draft him next year.


4:06 AM  
Blogger DM said...

Let's see ... Perk has impressed me over the past few games. He's a rebounding machine, he's getting some blocks and he's starting. That's the big thing. I'd rather have him than Jefferson. Not in two years, but right now. Jefferson needs to have his offensive game working to have value, and he's way inconsistent still. Perkins doesn't, and he qualifies at center.

AI, Hinrich and Randolph for Allen, RJ and Rip? No way. You will plummet in FG% and Hinrich and Randloph are the two most inconsistent guys in the group, by far.

West > Diaw. No brainer. If you can pull that off, definitely do it.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Biggs said...

Someone is offering me Allen Iverson, Kurt Hinrich, and Zach Randolph for Ray Allen, Richard Jefferson and Richard Hamilton

I agree with DM, nope. Iverson is the best player in that trade - but Allen and Jefferson are both top 30 players, and Rip is right up there - so I think you would be giving up too much. Both Hinrich and Randolph are not worth your time.

As far as Delonte West vs Boris Diaw, Diaw has played better over the course of the season, but West is trending up and Diaw (with Barbosa back) is at best treading water. I would say they are about even at this point depending on the needs of your team, but all things considered, I would actually take Diaw.

3:08 PM  
Blogger PR said...

Well I definitely think both Perkins and Jefferson are worth pickups. Gotta give Perk the slight edge right now considering his more consistent play and Center eligigbility.
I like Delonte West over Diaw. A PG that plays that kinda defense AND great percentages is nearly impossible to find... and he keeps getting better! I think the trade with Minny will also give him a slight bump in stats.

Does anyone else think LeBron will try and top Kobe's 81 today against Phoenix? Look out.

1:08 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Here's my Comet Gain (coming from a Oregonian, it hurts):

Qyntel Woods (16.3 points, 8.7 rebs, 32 minutes, 1.7 steals, 1.7 3ptm, and 68% FG) Over the last three games, two of which he's started, he's been tearing it up. The question is if it can continue, let alone will...the odds are against Q. He's playing on NY where no one seems to have consistent/decent fantasy value. However, he is extremely athletic and if given the chance could put up numbers similar to these (with the exception of the field goal percentage).

But, NY has guys like Richardson, Arazia, and others who can and probably will eat into his playing time.

Anyways, is he even worth looking at picking up?

My second question is whether I should drop Krstic for Perkins. I've had Krstic all year and know that he did better in the second half of the year. I'd be giving up some points and steals, but Perkins will get me more blocks.

3:06 PM  
Blogger bv said...

woods is worth a pickup if a) you need something in the REAL short-term and b) you don't have to drop anyone of any value for him. Ariza's been inactive lately, freeing up major minutes for Qyntel (you can't call him "q", btw, cuz the real "Q" is his teammate!).

As for Krstic/Perkins, i like perk. krstic has been a major dissapointment this year. krstic's boards and blocks, not to mention his FT%, are just not where i hoped they'd be this year.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Any advice would be appreciated: Here is my team:

R. Alston
G. Wallace
K. Bryant.
B. Diaw
R. Artest
L. Odom
S. Dalembert
B. Miller
A. Miller
J. Johnson
T. Murphy
A. Nocioni
N. Krstic
D. Gooden

This is a 12 team H2H league. Currently, on the waiver wire, there is Bobby Jackson, Kendrick Perkins, and Qyntel Woods. Obviously Woods is a huge gamble and not someone to warrent pickup till he has a few more decent games given the Knick's line-changing philosophy.

Krstic has been decent all season, and played his best ball the second half of last season. Do you think I should be dropping someone like Krstic to get him on my team (or Gooden?). There's also the issue of Bobby Jackson, whom despite Atkins has been still playing 35-ish minutes and putting up pretty solid numbers.

My biggest inclination is that I need to get Perkins on my team, as it seems like he'll be adding blocks too...but should I drop Gooden or Krstic to pick him up. Gooden has better numbers, but Krstic has more playing time available to him and has center eligibility.

In the meantime, the Diaw for Delonte trade has gone nowhere. Hopefully West's poor play over the last five and Diaw's strong defensive showings will convince him to make the trade, as I see Diaw getting squeezed out of some PT, with West getting lots of minutes at PG. If I could swap those two (and get more three pointers as a result) then I think it would be good for my team overall, though I'll obviously loose Diaw's all-around value. eh.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous bublitchki said...

I just picked up Qyntel. Here's my take:

I'm a Knick fan and follow their daily soap opera fairly closely. Right now there's some talk that Brown is angling to take on the same coach/team president role that he had in Philly should Isiah's current legal troubles lead to his dismissal.

What does any of this have to do with Qyntel? Well, a few weeks back, Brown - who claims he's always liked Qyntel's game - told Isiah that the Knicks should sign him. Isiah didn't want to do it, as he was not as sold on Woods' skills. According to the story, Brown persisted until Isiah finally relented.

So Qyntel is, in essence, Brown's personal reclamation project. If the rumors are true and Brown is indeed trying to gain a greater role in Knicks' personnel decisions down the road, a successful Qyntel would go a long way toward making his case for him. Thus Brown would appear to have a pretty good incentive for continuing to give Qyntel major minutes should he continue his solid play.

So, if you feel you can trust the rumors and the speculations of one Knicks fan (many of whom have become pretty deranged by now), Qyntel is worth a pickup and might end up as more than simply a short term fix.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous al said...

so much talk on perkins lately - what do you guys see him as? lower tier no1 centre? or solid no2? i'd drop either magloire or diaw to pick him up but i'm hesitant to do either since i see them both as trade assets. but i dun wanna miss the boat on pickin up perkins either...

7:59 PM  
Blogger Domo_kuun said...

Ya, I really wanna pick up Perkins, but I don't think I have any room to. My team is:

SG Ray Allen
PG Stephon Marbury
G Sam Cassell
SF Lamar Odom
PF Troy Murphy
F Richard Jefferson
C Emeka Okafor
B Caron Butler
B David West
B Delonte West
B Richard Hamilton
B Chris Kaman

Do you think Perkins would be worth a spot in favor of any of these players, or should I just stick to what I have?

8:04 PM  
Blogger Domo_kuun said...

Oh btw my league is 10-team H2H with 9 categories

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Charlie said...

Quick question, gotta decide by 6:00 tomorrow...which of these three do I start for the upcoming week: Pachulia vs. NY @CHA ORL @WAS, Crawford vs. @ATL LAL @TOR HOU (coming off his worst performance of the year), or Bobby Jackson vs. HOU DAL @MIL? I also have Granger. Thoughts?

10:06 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

It depends on what you need, but I'd probably go with Pachulia. Jackson only has three games, and I don't trust Brown in NY (although Crawford has the best schedule).

Depends on who else you're fielding, but Pachulia is my instinct if you don't need 3s.

2:11 AM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

As for my team (I listed the roster above) the only guys I can legitimately think of dropping would be Nocioni, Krstic and Gooden. But Nocioni continues to play pretty well (I need the 3's ) and's tough to drop him, even though I just got him off of the waivers/FA today. Krstic...he's my third center and I think he does an alright job...he puts up decent points and gets minutes (which is a cat in my league).

Out of my roster, based on 12 categories, here are people in FA that could help me: Bobby Jackson, Perkins, Al Jefferson (whom I drafted and have since picked up twice this year), Woods, Watson, Kevin Martin, Kenny Thomas.

Overall, my 12 team league is pretty deep and they don't let good players last long on the waviers. I'm waiting until today's game to assess the potential of Woods. If he throws up a monster game, then I may have no choice but to grab him for someone (and if I do, then who do I drop...Gooden?). I can't see droping Krstic unless I get another player with C-eligility. Perkins fits, and I think he'll get more boards and blocks than Krstic...but will he get points or hurt me in %'s?

Anyways, what do you think. I'm pretty competitive, since I live with all 11 guys in my league (fraternity). I guess Perkins could definately be a good replacement for Krstic. I do need some blocks now that Wallace is down for a while.

Thx to all. much appreciation.

4:32 AM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

One more thing (sorry for all the message posts, but I've been thinking about Fantasy BBall too much today).

Looking at my roster, what would be an acceptable sell-high buy-low for Jermaine O'Neal? Right now I'm offering D. Gooden and Krstic for O'Neal and Deron Williams hoping he'll bite on it (though I seriously doubt it). If I need to make another offer, what would be good value for me and something he might accept. His roster is:

Bibby, Salmons, Parker, Gasol, J.O'Neal, David West, James Jones, Brezec, Okur, Croshure, Deron Williams, S. Stoudamire, J. Terry and Greg Buckner.

Personally, as I mentioned, Gooden and Krstic are guys I don't mind getting rid of, as Perkins is on the waiver. I'd be happy to get O'Neal and anyone (whom I could then drop for Perkins or someone) in a trade involving two players on each side.

Right now with Gooden/Krstic for O'Neal/Williams I am definately pushing it. What would be reasonable from looking at my roster above, to help me out. The league is H2H and I'm tied for second right now, so I can afford some slippage and make the playoffs.


5:01 AM  
Blogger T-Plan said...

DON'T trade for Jermaine O'Neal at any price unless you're getting a steal. If he even returns this year (probably will be shut down when they fall out of playoff contention), I can't say he'll be any good. Fred Taylor tore his groin a few years ago and took 3 years to get back on the fantasy map.

On the Delonte West question, there's a rumor the Celts will trade Pierce and LaFrentz for a package deal. One of the rumored deals would be to Chicago for Duhon, Tim Thomas, and another player. If that happens, Delonte will be a SG where the coaches prefer him. But Wally World is the starting SG. It could end up being a starting lineup of . . .
PG Duhon
SG Szerbiak
SF Tim Thomas
PF Jefferson
C Perkins

If that happens, Delonte will be much less valuable. At this point, I think I'd stil with Diaw due to his eligibility everywhere but C and PG.

10:12 AM  

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