Friday, January 13, 2006

Head-to-Head's Up (1/16-1/22)

Most teams have busy schedules this week. Let’s take a look at some recent trends and discuss what’s on tap for 1/16-1/22.

Four Games: Philadelphia, Washington, New Orleans, Minnesota, Houston, Denver, Indiana, Boston, Utah, San Antonio, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Detroit, LAC, LAL, Memphis, Dallas, Toronto, Phoenix, Sacramento.
Three Games: Seattle, Miami, Atlanta, Golden State, Cleveland, Orlando.
Two Games: Portland

Plug ‘em in, Plug ‘em in:
Chris Kaman, C – Our second favorite ugly-man in the NBA (after Wizards’ starting center Calvin Booth of course) has been on a tear the last couple weeks. He’s playing 36 minutes a night over his last seven games and putting up pretty sick numbers: 17/12/2, with ridiculous percentages (59%FG and 91%FT) and swatting over 2 shots per game to boot. This year is indeed turning out to be Kaman’s breakout season. His stellar play makes him a great start this coming week with four games and fellow big man Elton Brand nursing a sore hip.

Ben Gordon, SG – The former UConn star is Chicago’s leading scorer with 14.4 ppg, so what took so long for coach Scott Skiles to get him in the starting lineup? Well, now that Chris Duhon has been relegated to backing up Kirk Hinrich at the point, the door is wide open for Gordon to really start lightin' it up. The sharpshooter will be a much better fit alongside Hinrich and should see his numbers go up across the board with more consistent playing time. Gordon’s stats this month (20/2/3, 49%FG, 92%FT, and 13/27 from long range) give you an indication of what’s to come. Plug him in with confidence this week.

Manu Ginobili, SG – Its hard to recommend starting someone currently coming off the bench for his team, but Manu is being eased back into the Spurs rotation and has responded very well since returning from injury shortly after Christmas. Over his last six games Ginobili is averaging 18/3/3, shooting 51%FG and 77%FT, while adding one trey and 2.2 steals, all in just 25 mpg off the bench. Look for the Argentinean’s minutes to continue to climb as he eventually works his way back into Greg Popovich’s starting lineup. In the meantime, it’s safe to put him back in your lineups especially with a full schedule next week.

Danny Granger, F – Many of us have been waiting to see what kind of impact the 17th overall pick out of New Mexico would have with loony Ron Artest on the bench. Granger has shown some promise this month, averaging 12/6/2 with 2 stls, 0.8 blks, and hitting 4 for 10 from downtown. The rookie’s playing time has increased significantly every month jumping from 12.9 to 21.5 to 30.5 mpg from Nov-Jan. Granger is a versatile forward similar to Atlanta’s Josh Childress and definitely has fantasy value as long as he’s got a starting gig. Keep it up Danny boy.

Earl Boykins, PG – Boykins has 25 career blocked shots. How in the world does a man shorter than my mom block a shot in the NBA?? Anyways, Denver’s 5’5 reserve PG is putting up a career-high 14 points per game despite sharing time with Andre Miller and fellow backup Earl Watson. Take a look at his New Year averages: 22/2/5, 48%FG, 97%FT, 2.3 threes, and 1 steal per game. The diminutive Boykins can run between defenders’ legs and hide behind teammates when on the court, giving him a distinct advantage over taller point guards. All jokes aside, now is the time to play Earl while he is hitting 54% from long range and providing that energy off the bench.

Mike Miller, G/F – So he’s an injury prone, on-again/off-again starter, but he’s still got game (especially for a white boy from South Dakota). Miller recorded his first career triple-double (21/10/10) the other night against Sacramento and figures to be in line for more minutes after such a performance. He provides good value in scoring, rebounding and threes, and also makes solid contributions in percentages. You might as well get him in your lineups and hope that he continues his hot streak. He’ll probably drop another triple-double when he visits the Wizards in DC next Sunday.


Blogger "rem" said...

something that I have been looking at in determining my matchups/lineups in my H2H league are the teams that play against Detroit as they have been shutting down their opponents big time and facing the Detroit Monsters this week are: Boston, Atlanta, New York, Houston therefore if a team plays only three games and one of them is against Detroit you should look elsewhere for fantasy points

While in Orlando with Hill injured and Francis suspended, Jameer Nelson who is one of the hottest players right now in the league over the last two weeks averaging-48 fantasy points per game, has vaulted among the league leaders while averaging only 33 min per game over the same period

While Fred Jones or Andres Nocioni has been more productive than Granger and Kenny Thomas has not been too shabby either that is until the Artest trade goes thru of course...

1:14 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

I understand your theory about not counting games against Detroit, but still, someone will get points, rebounds, etc. in those games, so it isn't useless. Rather, I flip the coin: if someone is playing against Portland, I might play them when I otherwise wouldn't, cause Portland is just that bad...(this coming from an Oregon native too...).

As far as some guys that definately deserve some props in comet gain, Gerald Wallace would have to be among the leaders - look at what he's done over the last 5:

Gerald Wallace (18.8 pts, 11.0 rebs, 1.2 assists, 4 stl, 3.4 blk, 1.6 to, and nearly 60% fg shooting. Other than three-points, assists and free-throws he helps you everywhere and is a legit 5-cat player right now.

Also I'm very happy to see Andres Nocioni get some playing time, as he's put up nearly 20/10 over the last few games.

5:54 PM  
Blogger Domo_kuun said...

hey guys,
it seems like my entire fantasy squad is injured right now :(. Can you tell me how serious Brevin Knight, Emeka Okafor, and Richard Jefferson's injuries are? There's no news on Yahoo so I don't know how long they'll be out and how much I should be worrying. Also, what about Ray Allen's suspension? What is that gonna amount to?

8:06 PM  
Blogger Biggs said...

Ray Allen is suspended 3 games - which should cover the Sonics games through next week. If you’re in a H2H league, put Allen on the bench for the upcoming week.

Jefferson is officially listed as having back spasms - but who knows what that really means. The Nets have 4 games nest week, so he might be a tough one to sit. Over the long haul of the season, he should be fine.

Knight is a tease. Although he's day-to-day and puts up some mad stats when he plays, he'll typically miss enough games during the year to screw your fantasy team. I would trade him now if you can find maximum value (4th round value or so).

1:20 AM  
Blogger Domo_kuun said...

What about Yao? His owner is desperate and so I could probably get him for less than he's worth, but if he's gonna be out for a long while more then he won't really help my current center deficit....

1:58 AM  
Blogger bv said...


One thing that we are fond of saying here is that we are no doctors. But even that might be overestimating our abilities to forecast injuries. The truth is, we have no better ideas of how to know how long a guy will be out than you do. In fact, I tried to go out on a limb with a couple of guys in last weeks mailbox, and that was a total disaster.

The reality of the situation is, a lot of fantasy basketball comes down to luck, and nowhere is that truer than with injuries. A sprained ankle could mean a guy is out 2 games or 2 months. A bad back could be played through, or career-ending. The most frustrating thing is, your guess is as good as mine. You can't talk to the player or the team doctors (I would think), so until you get info from a reputable news source, just hold your breath.

1:45 PM  

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