Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rookie Revue

Now that we’re almost a third of the way into the season, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at how the rookies are doing so far, and which ones are worth having (and starting) on your fantasy squads.

Plug n’ Play

Chris Paul – The unquestioned ROY this year, he’s a top-10 fantasy point guard, and if you drafted him, congratulations.

Channing Frye – I was wrong, I’ll admit it. Frye’s a little up-and-down, but for a Center, he’s worth starting every night.

Andrew Bogut – He’s not setting the world on fire, but he’s doing the little things … nice FG%, almost a steal and a block a night, and nice rebounds. If he didn’t qualify at C he wouldn’t be here, but he does.

Charlie Villanueva – I’m putting the FBB fave here, even though I’ve got him on my team and he’s usually on the bench. But you can’t ignore the averages – 12.3/5.6 with .8 steals, .7 blocks, and .7 threes.

On The Verge

Deron Williams – Williams has really regressed in December, but that’s mostly due to losing his shooting touch. Once he finds it, he should be back in you starting lineup.

Luther Head – Head has shows that he has the ability to be a fantasy starter, if only because of his threes. But unless he’s getting 35-40 mpg, he won’t have value, and that’s a tall order for any player.

Nate Robinson – If Larry Brown ever figures out who (if anyone) he likes on his team, and if Robinson is one of those guys, he could have value. But where are the assists?

Sarunas Jasikevicius – He’s worth the hype, and if he starts seeing 35 mpg he’ll be a great pickup. He should be on a roster.


Ike Diogu – He’s a hot pickup right now, but he’s played almost 200 minutes this year and has only 4 blocks and 4 steals to show for it. If he gets 25 mpg he’ll be ok in points and boards, but right now he’s nothing more than a poor man’s Zach Randolph, at best.

Danny Granger – If he only had marginal value right now, with Artest out and no one to fill minutes, how is he supposed to have any value once the Pacers get some players in a trade?

Jose Calderon – He’s getting 30 mpg and just barely has enough value to move off and on the waiver wire. He won’t get any more minutes, so his production has pretty much maxed out.

Can’t Find the Time

The following guys are just not getting enough minutes, but should an injury or two (or three) occur, they could really have value:

Raymond Felton
Joey Graham
Shavlik Randolph
Hakim Warrick
Salim Stoudamire
Sean May
Wayne Simien
Daniel Ewing
David Lee

Can’t Find the Skills

These guys all have the opportunity for minutes sitting right in front of them, but just aren’t earning it:

Marvin Williams
Jarrett Jack
Johan Petro
Francisco Garcia

Give ‘em Time

High schoolers and young ‘uns, well, it’s too early to tell, but it’s likely they won’t do you much good this year.

Martell Webster
Andrew Bynum
Yaroslav Korolev
Gerald Green

They Were Drafted?

These guys have already disappeared. Maybe next year, GM’s!

Fran Vazquez
Antoine Wright
Julius Hodge
Jason Maxiell


Blogger Domo_kuun said...

How do you guys feel about Mike James? Right now he's my 5th guard, and I like his play, but it's hard for to objectively assess his value. He's really mainly good for points and 3's and that's about it. There's guys like Delonte West and Shaun Livingston on the waiver wire, do you think they would make a better end of the bench guard? Or do you think James could be packaged in a trade for someone else? What is your opinion?

5:04 PM  
Blogger DM said...

In my experience, guys like James have no trade value. Sure, he's better than just about anybody on the waiver wire, but it's not like anyone is going to want to deal specifically for James. So then there are multiple players brought into the deal. Everyone tries to do the 2-for-1, where you deal a guy like James and another similar player for a guy who is an obvious upgrade. How often do other owners take the bait there? Not too often, at least in the leagues I've been in. He can be solid, but he's not exciting. Bad for trade value.

Unless you really need the 3s, I'd dump James for either West or Livingston. If you're looking for a solid guy to fill a last roster spot for probably the entire year, West is the guy. If you want a short-term fill-in with bigger upside, go for Livingston. It's more based on your needs.

I was skeptical of West, but he's proven himself to me over the season's first two months. He gives you a little bit of everything, so unlike a guy like James, who if is shot isn't falling can really hurt you, West can still chip in a couple steals or even blocks.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do you guys feel about kenyon martin? i havent been keepin up to speed with him but he's seem plagued with injuries this season. he's been dropped in my league - is he worth a pickup and wat will he do category wise?

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's you guys' take on Diogu after tonight's game? I watched the game and wasn't that impressed by his performance, especially in the rebounding department. Would you guys recommend keeping Tyson Chandler on the team instead of taking a chance on Diogu?

1:35 AM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Well Diogu tore it up the other night, and I'm wondering how much PT he'll actually get. At 6'8", he's really undersized to be even a PF, and paired with Troy Murphy in the block won't help.

I think we're a few games/starts out from seeing his value. The Warriors are a good team this year and I could seen Diogu getting 8/8 or better even, but it's still too early to tell.

In addition, my other players to have on your watch list include:

Rafer Alston (returning from injury...finally)
Earl Watson (could see PT if traded to the dirty dirty)
Kevin Martin (temporary only)
Eddie Griffin (if he'd actually play more).

I guess that is my question too. Griffin threw up a monster game tonight, which really isn't surprising as he's alwasy shown this ability if given the PT. I've heard some talk that Artest could go to Minny if not to you think Griffin will continue to get 35+ minutes with or without the presence of Madsen and the Candy Man? The T-Wolves need to field another scorer to compliment KG/Wally/Hudson. It seems like Griffin could be that other option, while at the same time raking in rebounds and blocked shots.

This last week I've rotated through Melvin Ely, Earl Watson, Kevin Martin (tomorrow) and will try to snag Griffin for Sunday. I'll probably hold onto Griffin to see how he does until either Alston comes back or if Watson gets traded. I don't really need help in the short term, and I'm trying to find the guys who will be helping me come H2H playoffs. Guys at the "end" of my bench right now include Nocioni, Krstic and D.Stoudamire.

Any imput is appreciated...thx.

2:04 AM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

News from the Yahoo Post-Game Recap:

"As long as he is playing at that level, he is our starting center," Wolves coach Dwane Casey said of Griffin, who wasn't available to reporters after the game.

So, it looks like Griffin might get the PT he needs. Obviously his percentages are horrendous, but I cannot imagine that the fg% will be below 40% if he is starting. If he is starting, and this is a good way to get started, his confidence will be up. Hopefully he'll be a great source of rebounds and blocks while chipping in some points and threes.

Looks like he might be taking Krstic's spot on my roster soon. I already grabbed Griffin on speculation for my rotating roster spot...which was Earl Watson...but I need a third PG at some point so I might have to trade in Krstic (or Griffin if he doesn't perform) for another small.

Anyways, good to see Griffin finally get some burn...cause the Candy Man Can't (which would be a good name for an article regarding this topic).


- Jeremy

5:16 AM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Oh, and for the two comment/questions above:

Kenyon has a bad injury history; a PF with bad knees who relies on his explosiveness to excel. Not what you want in real-life or in fantasy...not dependible. However, you probably took him somewhere in the middle of your draft, which sucks to drop a player you had so high. At this point, I would wait for him to come back a few games and see if you can unload him for some similar talent...not saying you can get SAR for him (whom is injured right now as well), but it's better than trading him for waiver wire fodder.

Now as for Ike Diogu. There is a reason he dominated the Pac-10 last year, leading it in both points and rebounds. However, I'd wait a few more games to see how Ike progresses and if he stays in the starting lineup. Foyle didn't seem to like coming off the bench and responded with a good game (for him), especially defensively. And regardless, Ike only got 1 reb in 24 minutes of play. It may end up being a timeshare...(hopefully not though). Chandler...well hopefully he can come back into the starting lineup, as Sweetney isn't a center at all. But, I think that Deng and Nocioni both deserve to be in the starting lineup (as well as Gordon). Regardless, Chandler won't average more than 30 minutes a game in Chicago..the new Memphis. So take that into account. It might be another guy to try and trade away if you can. So sorry if it doesn't help, but overall we need to see a few more games of Ike before making a move.

5:31 AM  
Blogger DM said...

I think I said everything I needed to say -- and a lot more -- in my post this morning about Griffin and Diogu.

10:01 AM  

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