Friday, October 21, 2005

Overall Rankings: 121 to 200

And now we get to the dregs. There are some useful players in this bunch, but it's mostly guess work at this point. When in doubt, I like to go with point guards or big men with upside, but that's just a personal preference.

1 to 30
31 to 60
61 to 90
91 to 120

121. T.J. Ford – Has his issues, but he is a starting PG who can rack up assists, so that counts for something.
122. Mike Miller – Opportunity is there for him to assert himself as team’s #2 option; needs to stay healthy.
123. James Posey – Even if he’s not scoring a lot, can still be a useful player.
124. Damon Jones – If nothing else, will hit enough 3s to warrant a roster spot.
125. Marquis Daniels – We like him more than we should, but anyone who remembers the playoffs two years ago should know why; Doug Christie is old.
126. Amare Stoudemire – This just makes me sad; get all better for 06-07, Amare.
127. Chris Kaman – Skeptical he’ll ever be able be anything more than a guy you can use for a couple weeks at a time when he gets hot.
128. Kwame Brown – Don’t pick him any higher, but if you remember the second half of 03-04, he’s shown that he does have some skills.
129. Zaza Pachulia – We’ll see if those preseason visions of 30-35 mpg actually come true.
130. Kenny Thomas – Sacto should score enough and have a small enough rotation to give him a bit of value.
131. Primoz Brezec – Not a lot of boards or blocks from a center; Bobcats are deeper this season.
132. Vladimir Radmanovic – He’d like to have a contract-year breakout, but needs to be on the court to make it happen.
133. Chris Mihm – Was able to do 10/7 with 1.4 bpg in 25 minutes last year; even if it doesn’t get much better, could do worse for #2 center.
134. Nene – Camby’s gotta miss at least 20, right? In 18 starts last year, Nene went 12.7/6.9/2.2 with 1.1 steals and .9 blocks.
135. Matt Harpring – Think of him as Szczerbiak-lite; we realize that’s not saying much.
136. Udonis Haslem – Might lose starting job to Walker, but at least he’s proven his worth before, unlike lots below him here.
137. James Jones – Someone will get carried away and take him too high; expect Jim Jackson to see just as much – if not more – PT.
138. Luol Deng – Only 20 years old, he could get a lot better, but is pretty ordinary right now.
139. Juan Dixon – May enter the season as a starter, but would be surprised if he’s not coming off the bench sooner rather than later.
140. Desmond Mason – There are a few ways to go this late in the draft – the solid won’t-hurt-you-but-probably-won’t-really-help-you pick…
141. Shaun Livingston – … or the hope-he-becomes-a-breakout-star pick.
142. Jerry Stackhouse – Can still put up points with the best of them, but that’s about it.
143. Doug Christie – If he’s starting and still has something left in the tank, can be an underrated contributor.
144. Rashad McCants – We’re very skeptical; will need to hit a bunch of 3s to have value, we think.
145. Antonio Daniels – Might be an OK #3 PG; surprisingly helpful in FT%.
146. Delonte West – Don’t expect lots of assists even if starter, but should get some steals.
147. Jim Jackson – Wouldn’t be surprised to see him get starter’s minutes even coming off the bench.
148. Kelvin Cato – Career 51% shooter has averaged 1.9 blocks and 8.2 rebounds per 30 minutes in his career.
149. Dan Gadzuric – Another rebound and blocks machine that just needs the PT…
150. Joe Smith – But this guy seems to be blocking his path.
151. Derek Anderson
152. Voshon Lenard
153. Hedo Turkoglu
154. Keith Van Horn
155. Lornezen Wright
156. Michael Pietrus
157. Michael Finley
158. Bostjan Nachbar
159. Mark Blount
160. Marc Jackson
161. Chris Andersen
162. Danny Granger
163. Chris Duhon
164. Adonal Foyle
165. Sarunas Jasekevicius
166. Dan Dickau
167. Maurice Williams
168. Antonio McDyess
169. Devin Harris
170. Fred Jones
171. Brent Barry
172. Devin Brown
173. Michael Olowokandi
174. Nazr Mohammed
175. Nick Collison
176. Speedy Claxton
177. Matt Bonner
178. Nate Robinson
179. Darius Songaila
180. DeShawn Stevenson
181. Gary Payton
182. Marvin Williams
183. Tim Thomas
184. Charlie Villanueva
185. Trevor Ariza
186. Bobby Jackson
187. Ronald Murray
188. Andris Biedrins
189. Latrell Sprewell
190. Gordan Giricek
191. Ike Diogu
192. Jarvis Hayes
193. Keyon Dooling
194. Juwan Howard
195. Martell Webster
196. Earl Watson
197. David Wesley
198. Smush Parker
199. Jerome James
200. Stephen Hunter


Anonymous kevin said...

Charlie Villaneuva has looked good in preseason. What are your thoughts on him? You have him way back in the depth chart.

12:11 PM  
Blogger bv said...

villanueva is a pretty nice sleeper, to be sure. SHould Rafael Araujo get sent to the D-League like has been rumored, Charlie will be a nice steal late in drafts.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Big Al said...

No way Araujo gets sent to the D-League. This guy is already 25 years old, meaning that he really isn't a prospect any more. Except for the Bruce Bowens of the world, you usually don't get much better than you are at 25. The D-League isn't gonna help this guy. It still amazes me that he was the 8th pick overall. He'll probably do just what he did last year: start but really only play 10-20 minutes a game.

4:50 PM  
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