Monday, October 17, 2005

Overall Rankings: 1 to 30

Time to roll out the FBB overall rankings. We try to be as objective as possible but remember, this is just one set of opinions. Don’t take it as gospel. Look at other lists but most importantly use your own judgment as well. It’s your team that you’re drafting, you should be the one with the major say in how it turns out.

It should be noted that these rankings are meant for 8-category (no turnovers), re-draft leagues.

1. Kevin Garnett – Stick with the guy who’s done it the past six years. Dominant boards, point guard assists, 50% shooting and three missed games in half a decade.
2. LeBron James – In time he’ll be #1, but right now he’s still the greatest consolation prize around.
3. Shawn Marion – Never the most “exciting” pick, but fantasy is about numbers and the numbers don’t lie. Amare’s absence could mean even bigger things.
4. Dirk Nowitzki – The dominance and durability you want in a first rounder.
5. Kobe Bryant – Missed significant time in four of past six seasons, but the best of the best when he’s out there. He has a lot to prove, which is good news for his numbers.
6. Tracy McGrady – Has never played in 80 games, but was dominant after November last season. Picking between him and Kobe is a matter of personal choice.
7. Andrei Kirilenko – Points is just one category and the easiest to find help in; last year’s injuries were flukes and he’s ready to explode.
8. Tim Duncan – Free throw and injury issues, sure, but he’s still a beast. At least, unlike Shaq, there’s a chance he could shoot 70%.
9. Gilbert Arenas – Emerging as the new AI (with more 3s and fewer steals) and more likely to stay healthy.
10. Paul Pierce – Higher than almost anyone else has him, but he always delivers and always plays – exactly what you need from a first rounder.
11. Allen Iverson – Perhaps a bit low, but just as likely to shoot 39% and miss 20 games as he is to repeat last year.
12. Elton Brand – Like Duncan without the free throw issues; always underappreciated.
13. Dwyane Wade – If he could add one 3pg to his repertoire (don’t expect it), he’d be interchangeable with Kobe and T-Mac.
14. Stephon Marbury – People are ridiculously down on him; he’s easily the Knicks best player and LB will realize that.
15. Vince Carter – Looked miraculously healed once he left Toronto; even a slight drop-off from his NJ numbers last year would make him worth it at this spot.
16. Baron Davis – See above, substitute New Orleans for Toronto; do you feel lucky, punk?
17. Jason Kidd – His best years are behind him but should rack up the assists with lobs to VC and RJ.
18. Mike Bibby – The FBB favorite is as solid as they come; assists should go up without Webber.
19. Steve Nash – As long as Phoenix keeps running, he’ll keep lots of his value.
20. Brad Miller – Not a single complaint about his game, but another to have never appeared in 80 contests, with 45 games missed over the last three seasons.
21. Yao Ming – He’s still improving and actually got to rest this summer, so maybe he’ll be able to approach 35 mpg.
22. Steve Francis – Like Marbury, his bad real-life rep makes him slightly underrated from a fantasy perspective.
23. Ray Allen – A bit overrated; Stojakovic should bring back similar or better numbers at a better value.
24. Peja Stojakovic – Speak of the devil … remember, he was a top-5 player just two years ago and shot 48% three straight seasons before last.
25. Jermaine O’Neal – This seems about for the three-category contributor.
26. Pau Gasol – We’ve been fooled before, but Memphis cleaned house, so expect more minutes and career best numbers.
27. Ron Artest – Ignore that seven-game line from last year; he’ll rack up steals, but percentages will be closer to 45 and 75, if he’s lucky.
28. Chris Bosh – Will be asked to carry a big load, which is great news for fantasy owners
29. Joe Johnson – Always sees plenty of minutes and the Hawks have 70 million reasons to make sure that continues.
30. Rashard Lewis – Perennially underrated and even has room to improve.


Anonymous nightkid said...

one thing i noticed about ron artest's ft% over his summer league and preaseason games is that he's been extremely accurate. he might not get 92%, but i don't think 80% is out of the question. if u check his numbers, he got,
in summer league

in preseason games

that's 89% so far. so u get a small sample size, but combined with the 7 games last year, that's approx. 90% over 14 games. it's still a relatively big mystery whether he can keep it up, but 46% and 82% would really boost his value to go along with dominating steals and solid all around numbers.

11:27 AM  
Blogger DM said...

I'll still take five seasons of never shooting better than 43% or 75% over the small, but encouraging, sample size. It's still a pretty high ranking, I think, especially given his obviously volatility and the Pacers stacked bench.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous nightkid said...

yes i agree with u. his ranking can't go higher (except in front of gasol and possibly JON in my view), because of all those other more sure, greater players. however, i just wanted to point out that he has the potential to be a top 15 player, and really consider hard in the 3rd round of drafts for him.

5:45 PM  

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