Thursday, September 08, 2005

Offseason Overview: Seattle Supersonics

It was, all said, a pretty good year for the Sonics. Heck, it was a great year. Actually, it was about 15 wins better than anyone thought. The Sonics finished first in their division, and then made a decent showing – eventually losing to the Spurs - in the playoffs. But, for a top team, there are a surprisingly small amount of fantasy options. Really, only Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis were definite fantasy starters. But they shoot plenty of threes as a team, so there should be some other guys with value, right? Maybe …

The stud: Ray Allen, SG
Allen is nothing if not consistent. He’ll always be good for somewhere around 20/4/4 with 2.5 3’s and a steal. He’s T-Mac/Kobe lite, and is a great “safe” pick in the early second round. He’s getting older (30 this year), and just about all of his numbers took a slight hit last year, but he should be good for a Top-20 performance this year.

The support: Rashard Lewis, F
I was a Lewis owner for the first time last year, and it really wasn’t as rewarding as I hoped it would be. Sure, he hits threes, and as a result has nice points totals, but the drop he’s made from 7 rebounds in 2002 to 5.5 last year is pretty significant for a small forward. Considering he’s not a major plus anywhere else, and is a pretty serious liability in assists, I’m not sure he’s worth drafting before the 4th – maybe 5th – round.

The supporting support: Luke Ridnour, PG
So, I know, we really plugged this guy last year, and he didn’t live up to all the talk we made. But did we (er, I) learn from this? Heck no! Another year of experience under his belt, and no Antonio Daniels around to take away PT, and Ridnour could – COULD – be a 15/8 guy with 1.5 3’s and steals. Could.

The sleeper: Vitaly Potapenko, C
This might be the worst sleeper pick of the year. I mean, I don’t really expect Potapenko to do all that well, but he’s pretty much the only guy they have playing center, so … nevermind. No sleeper here. Let’s move on.

The slacker: Vitaly Potapenko, C
Much better.


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