Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fantasy Basketball Mock Draft – Round Five

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Players already on the team are in parentheses.

Team A: Jamaal Magloire (J. Terry, R. Allen, P. Stojakovic, K. Garnett)
Team B: Rasheed Wallace (E. Okafor, R. Artest, S. O’Neal, L. James)
Team C: Corey Maggette (A. Iguodala, B. Davis, Y. Ming, D. Nowitzki)
Team D: Zack Randolph (M. Camby, C. Bosh, S. Marbury, S. Marion)
Team E: Cuttino Mobley (A. Miller, B. Wallace, J. O’Neal, T. McGrady)
Team F: Carlos Boozer (R. Jefferson, M. Ginobili, M. Bibby, A. Stoudamire)
Team G: Kenyon Martin (K. Hinrich, S. Francis, E. Brand, K. Bryant)
Team H: Rafer Alston (M. Redd, D. Howard, S. Nash, T. Duncan)
Team I: Rip Hamilton (R. Lewis, J. Johnson, J. Kidd, A. Kirilenko)
Team J: Tyson Chandler (Z. Ilgauskas, C. Billups, V. Carter, D. Wade)
Team K: Samuel Dalembert (L. Hughes, P. Gasol, P. Pierce, A. Iverson)
Team L: Bobby Simmons (J. Richardson, L. Odom, B. Miller , G. Arenas)

In the fifth round, for the first time since round two, we run into 12 players who are all in the same tier in our overall rankings (we’ll get to our overall rankings at some point in early October). This is the last round of the draft where you are drafting a player who will unquestionably be on a roster all year long. Starting in the sixth round, you’ll hear some names that at least have a chance of ending up on the waiver wires. But not here. Everyone here should be getting at least 30 mpg, and will make real contributions to your team.

Because everyone here was in a similar tier, the selections this round really took into account team needs more than player ability. If after five rounds, you’re lacking at either of the scarcity positions, you could be in serious trouble. And as we see here, only 2 teams are left without a center (Teams G and I). Only one has no PG, but they do have LeBron James, who will contribute to assists like a PG would. Put yourself in the position of the two teams with no center as yet. Particularly in leagues like this one where teams are required to start two centers, you’re going to have to either pass up greater talent to select a center in the next few rounds or stick a couple of bums in the starting lineup every day. Neither option is particularly appealing. This is where the “Best Player Available” strategy can handcuff you.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at Round 6, the last round we did for this mock draft. But before we do, anyone have any major disagreements with selections we’ve made?


Blogger p_bulatovic said...

I am wondering why Team B selected Rasheed when they already have Emeka, and are lacking 3pt shooting (Mobley), and also why Team G selected Martin when they have Brand and are lacking a center (Dalembert, Chandler).

Not really a major disagreement, just wondering why.

9:35 PM  
Blogger bv said...

those are both good points. For picking 'sheed, I guess the best rationalization I can offer is that you can never have enough centers - especially when one of them is the oft-injured Shaq.

Martin, while not a center, is definitely a much safer pick than Dalembert or Chandler, both of whom are wildly inconsistent. That said, looking again, Chandler was probably the better pick there.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do you see dalembert performing this year? i got burned in a couple of leagues for drafting him in the 5th round. the situation looks eeriely similar this year.

10:48 AM  
Blogger DM said...

Dalembert is definitely a risky pick again. But centers are always at a premium, and he looks to be in the top dozen. Worst case scenario, you get a frustrating player who still ends up at least top 15 in blocks. Stephen Hunter's presence worries me, because he's a solid player and could steal some minutes, although when C-Webb gets hurt, they don't have much depth up front and both of them could see big minutes.

1:16 PM  

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