Friday, June 24, 2005

Mock Draft? Well, OK!

Yeah, yeah, I know. There’s already about 15,000 mock drafts out there, but you know what? I wanna do one too. So here it goes, but I’m also gonna guess about a couple trades, just to make it more fun:

1. Milwaukee Bucks
Who they will take: Andrew Bogut.
Who they should take: Andrew Bogut.
A lot of people are falling all over themselves talking about Marvin Williams, but Bogut is more likely to contribute quickly. Drafting a project like Williams might convince Michael Redd to skip town.

2. New Orleans Hornets (In a trade with Atlanta)
Who they will take: Marvin Williams.
Who they should take: Marvin Williams.
New Orleans gives up disgruntled big man Jamal Magloire and the 4th pick in the draft for Atlanta’s number one this year and a conditional number one next year. Magloire hated New Orleans, and they’re not winning anytime soon, so they dumped him for a shot at a guy who could, 3 years from now, be a top player on this team.

3. Los Angeles Lakers (In a trade with Portland)
Who they will take: Chris Paul
Who they should take: Chris Paul
The Lakers clean a little house, giving up Chucky Atkins, Caron Butler and their #10 pick for the #3 and maligned SF Ruben Patterson. Dr. Phil immediately grabs the best PG he’s ever coached.

4. Atlanta Hawks (From N.O.)
Who they will take: Deron Williams.
Who they should take: Raymond Felton.
The Hawks take they’re first round pick, turn around and get a legit NBA Center and their PG of the present, and are immediate winners of this year’s draft. I like Felton more than Williams, but you can’t really go wrong with either right now.

5. Charlotte Bobcats
Who they will take: Raymond Felton.
Who they should take: Raymond Felton.
Everyone (i.e. Chad Ford) says the Bobcats are itching to trade up to get Chris Paul, and are willing to use their 2 lottery picks to get him. I say, hogwash! This is a second-year expansion team with holes to fill all over, and they, more than any other team, need 2 lottery picks. Ex-Tar Heel Felton will be loved by the home crowd in Charlotte.

6. Utah Jazz
Who they will take: Gerald Green.
Who they should take: trade the pick.
Well, crud. The Jazz were desperate to get one of the big 3 point guards, but it just didn’t happen, and now they’re stuck with the 6th pick in a draft that’s 5-deep. With no one looking to move up at this point, they settle on high school phenom Gerald Green, and Jerry Sloan dies a little inside.

7. Toronto Raptors
Who they will take: Danny Granger.
Who they should take: Hakim Warrick.
Toronto needs help pretty much everywhere, but a big 3 like Warrick fits in nicely here. Granger isn’t a terrible choice.

8. New York Knicks
Who they will take: Channing Frye.
Who they should take: A 6-11, 245-lb cactus on wheels.
After the trade of Kurt Thomas, what this team really needs is a skinny guy in the middle who’s afraid of everything. Good pick!

9. Golden State Warriors
Who they will take: Fran Vazquez.
Who they should take: Hakim Warrick.
Another big foreigner for the team that really belongs in the Euroleague. Well, that’s not true, they should be exciting to watch next year as long as Baron stays healthy.

10. Portland Trail Blazers (from LA)
Who they will take: Andrew Bynum.
Who they should take: Andrew Bynum.
Theo Ratliff ain’t getting’ no younger, and Joel Przybilla, well, we’ll see. They can afford to sit Bynum for a little while, and they’ve already gotten their talent this year with Butler and Atkins from LA.

11. Orlando Magic
Who they will take: Hakim Warrick.
Who they should take: Hakim Warrick.
I like Grant Hill as much as the next guy, but he’s getting older, and Warrick will be a great disciple.

12. Los Angeles Clippers
Who they will take: Yaroslov Korolev
Who they should take: Martynas Andriuskevicius
They’ve promised Korolev they’d take him, apparently, but this is a good spot for a high-upside project like Martynas.

13. Charlotte Bobcats
Who they will take: Sean May.
Who they should take: Sean May.
The Bobcats take their seat alongside the Hawks as the winners of the 2005 draft. Now they’ve got Okafor and May, who may both be a little undersized for their positions, but that’s okay. North Carolina as a whole goes crazy.

So I’ll stop here, at the end of the lottery. Maybe, if you’re lucky, on Monday I’ll do the rest of the first round.


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