Monday, June 27, 2005

Mock Draft, pt 2

For picks 1 through 13, check out Friday's post.

14. Minnesota Timberwolves
Who they will take: Antoine Wright
Who they should take: Francisco Garcia
Minnesota is a team that needs to draft based on attitude. They way under-performed last year, and they need to plan for a future without dead weights like Sam Cassell and Latrell Sprewell. I like Garcia here because of his passing ability, but Wright isn’t a terrible choice.

15. New Jersey Nets
Who they will take: Martell Webster
Who they should take: Ike Diogu
New Jersey, if they could, would spend their draft pick on a great doctor to make sure Jason Kidd and Vince Carter stay healthy next year. While they should take a rebounding PF, they’ll go for the Kerry Kittles of the future in Martell Webster. This pushes Carter to the 3 and Jefferson to the 4. I’d much rather have them at 2 and 3, respectively.

16. Toronto Raptors
Who they will take: Ike Diogu
Who they should take: Ike Diogu
Toronto is in a tough spot. They’ve got Alston, Rose, and Bosh as defiinite starters. They took Granger at 16, but now they wish they had taken a big there, so they could take Garcia here. That said, there’s not a spot for Garcia and Bosh needs help down low, so they go for the top-rated big left on the board in Diogu.

17. Indiana Pacers
Who they will take: Francisco Garcia
Who they should take: Francisco Garcia
Indiana is my pick to win the East next year. Last year everything that could have possibly gone wrong did, and now they’ve got Artest coming back with a vengeance. Yikes. They could really use some size to back up Jeff Foster and Dale Davis, but Garcia is too good to pass up here.

18. Boston Celtics
Who they will take: Roko Ukic
Who they should take: Johan Petro
Payton isn’t long for the C’s, so Ukic is actually a pretty good pick here. But really, how far will you get with Mark Blount and Raef LaFrentz in the middle?

19. San Antonio (in trade with Memphis Grizzlies)
Who they will take: Joey Graham
Who they should take: Joey Graham
Joey Graham keeps slipping and slipping, and finally San Antonio moves up to get him, giving Memphis their first round pick (#28) and Beno Uridh, who will take over at point for Jason Williams, who has fallen into Jerry West’s doghouse.

20. Denver Nuggets
Who they will take: Martynas Andriuskevicius
Who they should take: Rashad McCants
Denver is pretty sure they want Andriuskevicius here … and the fact that Phoenix is salivating over him means they definitely take him, because he won’t be around for them at 22. They’ll stash him in the D-League for a couple years and once Marcus Camby breaks down for good, he’ll be ready. Hopefully.

21. Phoenix Suns
Who they will take: Johan Petro
Who they should take: Jarrett Jack
Phoenix is dying to get some defense, and Petro should be a decent backup for Kurt Thomas. But I’d like to see them get a successor for MVP Steve Nash. Let Jack grow under Nash’s Canadian wing for a few years.

22. Denver Nuggets
Who they will take: Rashad McCants
Who they should take: Rashad McCants
As a team that ran into a couple of rough stretches offensively last year, this is a great pick. If they treat him like the Bulls treated Ben Gordon, he could be invaluable to this team and a great competitor.

23. Sacramento Kings
Who they will take: Jarrett Jack
Who they should take: Charlie Villanueva
The Kings look for the next Bobby Jackson in Jack, who is a nice value pick here.

24. Houston Rockets
Who they will take: Wayne Simien
Who they should take: Wayne Simien
He’s the guy they’ve targeted since day 1. Villanueva is tempting but they don’t need 2 passive guys in the paint. Simien is a nice fit here.

25. Seattle Sonics
Who they will take: Charlie Villanueva
Who they should take: Charlie Villanueva
It’s between Villanueva and Chris Taft, and Villanueva has at least some upside. Taft seems like a bigger version of Terrence Morris.

26. Detroit Pistons
Who they will take: Linus Kleiza
Who they should take: Salim Stoudamire
The Pistons are deep just about everywhere so they’ll take Kleiza and stash him in the D-league for a year or two, but really, they could use a one-dimensional shooter like Stoudamire for late-game situations.

27. Utah Jazz
Who they will take: Luther Head
Who they should take: Luther Head
The Jazz prayed for Jarrett Jack to fall here, but they’ll have to settle for Head. Ha!

28. Memphis Grizzlies (from San Antonio)
Who they will take: Julius Hodge.
Who they should take: Julius Hodge.
Jerry West loves Hodge, and after the deal with San Antonio, they’ve got Udrih and Hodge to play the point, 2 of "Jerry’s guys".

29. Miami Heat
Who they will take: Mile Ilic
Who they should take: Salim Stoudamire
The Heat go for Shaq’s new backup, but they should be concerned about the short window that they have to win it all. Stoudamire would be a better choice.

30. New York Knicks
Who they will take: Chris Taft
Who they should take: Chris Taft
Hey, why not? At least he’s tall.


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