Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Draft Recap: Who’s Worth Your While

Well, that was exciting! While I got only 5 of my mock draft picks correct (including both team and player), we found a lot of skilled players headed to a bunch of teams that need them … sorta. But with all this talk about potential, who’s going to step up this year and provide immediate help to your fantasy team? Last year, only 5 players (Dwight Howard, Emeka Okafor, Ben Gordon, Andre Iguodala, and Josh Smith) were worth having for the whole year (Jameer Nelson was useless until he became a starter). Is there more league-ready talent this year? Let’s take a look:

1. Andrew Bogut, MIL
5th to 7th round
Bogut is the best fantasy player in this draft for the same reason he was the best real life player in the draft: He’s a center. He’s going to get plenty of minutes in Milwaukee, and as such he’ll provide a great source of boards, and probably help a little in blocks, too.

2. Chris Paul, NO
6th to 8th round
What a steal for New Orleans, getting probably the best overall player in the draft in Paul. However, he walks into an interesting situation where his back-court mate is only 20 years old (JR Smith), his center doesn’t want to be there, and the rest of his team stinks. Nonetheless, he’ll be reliable for 13-15 points and probably 5-7 assists.

3. Deron Williams, UTH
6th to 8th round
At what point does Jerry Sloan accidentally call him "John?" These are some pretty big shoes to fill but Williams has a great team around him. There are a number of guys around him who can score, post up, and shoot from the perimeter. I like the Jazz to be in the playoffs, and Williams to put up 12/8.

4. Channing Frye, NYK
7th to 9th round
I know, he sucks. I’ll be the first to admit it. But he’s a center, and he’ll get over 30 mpg. How many other guys can you say that about? 11. I counted. Of those 11, only Jason Collins was completely useless to your fantasy team. I know Frye stinks, but he’s no Jason Collins.

5. Raymond Felton, CHA
7th to 9th round
Hats off to Charlotte for doing exactly what I said they would do last night. And Felton will fit in very nicely here. He might not get a ton of minutes, but he’ll be counted on to score as much as distribute when he’s on the court, and stats around 15 and 5 aren’t unreasonable.

6. Wayne Simien, MIA
9th to 11th round
What a great spot for Simien to drop to. Miami is a perfect fit, and if Udonis Haslem leaves via free agency, Simien could be a double-double threat this year.

That’s it. Those are the guys that I can see being worthwhile for your fantasy teams next year barring injury to the guys in front of them. That said, taking a last-round flyer on guys like Joey Graham, Luther Head, Jarrett Jack, or Sean May wouldn’t be a terrible idea if you can stash them on your bench until you have a better idea of the kind of minutes they’re going to see.


Blogger Jersey Dude said...

Nice post! Personally, I think Paul will be a decent fantasy PG next year. New Orleans doesn't really seem to have any players capable of scoring, and I think Paul can also pick up some assists... maybe a 18-7 guy...

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