Friday, April 01, 2005

Weekend Preview

Down Goes Webber (as usual)

Well it was a nice little 2-game belated honeymoon for C-Webb and the Sixers, but now he’s bumped his shoulder and is out for 7-10 days, with a huge week coming up for Philly. They’ve got Dallas tonight, then a monster matchup with Boston on Sunday. This is exactly why the Sixers went and picked up Rodney Rogers, and now it’s time for Rodney to step up. He hasn’t seen over 30 mpg since 1997, but back then he was a 13/5 guy with a steal and a three, and a block here and there. You could do much worse than Rogers right now as a short-term pickup, as I would imagine he’ll get 30-35 mpg for the next week.

Down Stays Odom
After teasing owners for about a week, the Lakers are finally ‘fessing up to the fact that Lamar Odom is likely out for the duration. So his minutes have to go to someone. Jumaine Jones proved he doesn’t deserve them, and nobody else is really stepping up to the plate. So how about Devean George? He looks like he’ll see about 30 mpg if the last 2 games are any indicator, and he’s always a threat for three’s, and could probably help in boards and steals as well. Hey, he’s not gonna be Odom, but he should be relatively useful.

Game of the Week(end)
Golden State at Utah, Friday, 9pm EST

Betcha didn’t see this game getting picked, huh? Well there’s a reason for it. Most of you are already out of the running in your fantasy leagues. No comment on how your trusty FBBers are doing. But there is ALWAYS next year! And much like real NBA teams, the last few weeks of the season can be very useful for scouting purposes. A great example of this would be the Utah Jazz. With no Boozer, no Kirilenko, and an injured Raja Bell, the Jazz are giving anyone and everyone a chance to play. Wednesday against Denver, the guy who really stood out was Curtis Borchardt. Yes, that Curtis Borchardt. He got to start all of January and was horrendous, but he’s shown flashes this past month, and his 12/4 Wednesday in just 23 minutes was impressive. See if he continues the trend tonight, because he is DEFINITELY on your waiver wire.

Another great team to scout for next year is Golden State. Now with Baron Davis, they are a new team. Since he became a full-time starter they’re 6-2 with impressive wins against Phoenix and Sacramento. But with Baron in the fold, other guys are seeing their numbers slip, particularly Jason Richardson. Speaking of Baron, have you noticed his 77% FT shooting this year? 10 points above his average! Anyhow, they’re going to be a good team to watch over these last few weeks to get a sense of what sort of numbers the "new" Warriors are going to put up, so you can be ready for next year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, it seems sixers got cheated in the trade.

The others need to step up big if we're gonna got 8th spot.'s all J.O.B.'s fault.

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