Thursday, March 31, 2005

Standings Watch

While it’s always important to see who’s dropping out of the playoff race at this point in the year, it’s also pretty important to see who’s playing well enough that they don’t have to push themselves too much at the end of the regular season. Let’s look two teams that are pretty much stuck where they are in the standings, and don’t have much to worry about.

Miami Heat

The Heat are only 2 games away from clinching home court in the East. They are ridiculously far ahead in the standings right now, and if you’ve been living on Earth recently, you might have noticed that when there’s not much to play for, the Diesel doesn’t play much. After missing 17 games each of the last three years, this year he’s only missed four, which his owners have to be thrilled about. But once home court is wrapped up, you’ve got to imagine that he’ll see a pretty significant cut in his minutes and may even sit out a game or two at random to get extra rest before the playoffs. This could/should lead to extra minutes and points for Alonzo Mourning, but the chance isn’t good enough to pick up Zo.

Seattle Sonics

Judging from the egg that the Sonics laid last night against the Spurs, they really don’t have much hope of catching either San Antonio or Phoenix for the 1 or 2 spot in the West. Added to the fact that they’re 9.5 games up on the Nuggets in the Northwest, and the Sonics are lock for the 3rd spot in the West. This means that guys like Rashard Lewis and Danny Fortson, who are dealing with minor injuries, could end up missing more time than normal because they don’t have much chance of moving up or down in the standings. This bodes well for Flip Murray, who could be a nice pickup for your team if you need points.

One-Day Wonders
Pick ‘em up today, so you can play ‘em tomorrow!

G – Flip Murray, SEA
Speaking of which, he took the most shots of any Sonic last night, and with Rashard Lewis expected to be out again Friday, he’s a nice pickup.

F - Rodney Rogers, PHI
With Chris Webber likely out for a game or more with shoulder and knee problems, look for Rogers to get a lot of minutes at the 4 spot Friday at home against Dallas. Should he get 25-30 minutes, he should be good for 10-12 points, 5-6 boards and one or two threes.

C – Steven Hunter, PHO
Hey, when we recommend a guy here in ODW and he comes through with 5 blocks, we’re pretty happy. So we’ll re-recommend him for Friday against Minnesota on the chance that Stoudamire misses another game.


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