Thursday, March 24, 2005

Guess Who’s Back

Did you guess Jamaal Magloire? Well, you shoulda, cuz that’s who’s back. And not a moment too soon, either! I mean, it’s too late for the Hornets obviously, but your fantasy team sure could use a nice 14-10 center helping out. Last night, he managed his first really strong game, going for 20/17 with 1 block on 54% shooting. Now obviously you’re not going to find him on the waiver wires, but take a look at whose team he’s on, and how he’s going to affect their rebound numbers. Right now we’re getting into the ‘all about categories’ point of the season, and sometimes it’s just as important to your team when one of your rivals gets an extra 140 boards over the rest of the season, as it is when you get those boards.

Standings Watch

A big win for Philly last night, as they moved to a full game ahead of Orlando for the last spot in the Eastern conference (speaking of Philly, there’s a great article on AI and Webber here). The setup in the East right now is spectacular for fantasy players. Right now there are 7 teams who have plenty to play for over the rest of the season. Washington, Cleveland and Chicago are all fighting for home court in the first round (read that again). Indy and Philly, in addition to trying to stay in the playoffs, are trying to move up to 6th so they don’t have to face Detroit or Miami. And Orlando and New Jersey are scrambling to get to the 8th spot. That means plenty of questionable players (Webber and Kidd come to mind) could have value all the way through the end of the season.

The Western Conference, on the other hand, is not as competitive. Now that Tim Duncan is out, Phoenix should have no problem wrapping up the top spot in the West. Dallas’s 4-game lead over Sacramento for the 4 spot and home court in the first round should be enough. And Denver looks like they’re not even going to give Minnesota or the Lakers half a chance at getting into the playoffs. You could see a lot of minor injuries turn into 3- and 4-game ordeals as players have less to play for in the regular season.

One-Day Wonders
Pick ‘em up today, so you can play ‘em tomorrow!

G – Shaun Livingston, LAC
Livingston might not be available in your league, but if he is, he’s a nice pickup not just for Friday’s game against the Wizards but also for the rest of the year. However, the Wiz have been giving up nice lines to point guards over the past few games – Anthony Goldwire, Howard Eisley, Andre Miller and Earl Boykins each have had at least 6 assists against the Wiz in the last week. Look for Livingston to get at least 6 or 7 assists, and if you need ‘em, here’s where to get ‘em.

F – Robert Horry, SAS
Ever since Duncan went out, Horry has hit 2 three’s in each game. His rebounds during that span (3.3) aren’t very impressive, but he can certainly help you out in 3’s, especially against the lowly Hawks.

C – Marc Jackson, PHI
Jackson has shown that when he gets minutes against subpar centers, he can put up a decent line. His 11 points and 12 boards against the Eddy Curry and the Bulls shows his ability. Look for him to at least put up nice numbers in points and boards against Rafael Araujo, Loren Woods and the Raptors.


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