Wednesday, March 09, 2005

C-Webb’s Crib

Back in the days when Chris Webber was playing in Washington, there was a part of the USAir Arena which was dubbed "C-Webb’s Crib", and I guess he had a small group of seats there for kids or something. I loved the name, because not only was ‘crib’ an incredibly hip term (this was like 5-7 years before MTV Cribs), but also because Webber had a tendency to act like a baby all the time. Now, almost a decade later, Crib the word may have lost its edge, but Webber’s ability to cry about everything is still going strong.

It didn’t even take five games for Webber to start crying about his role in Philadelphia. He’s seen his minutes cut, and he is not happy about it one bit. According to Webber, "I'm still a great player … I thought I was to coming into a situation where I would be utilized as the player that I was.'' Well, here’s some news for you, Chris. If you were playing like a great player, maybe you wouldn’t see your minutes cut.

Webber’s numbers, regardless of his minutes, have been horrendous since moving to the Sixers. It’s tough to criticize his falling points or other cumulative stats, because of the fewer minutes. But the inefficiency that he has shown on the court during those reduced minutes has been startling. Only once in his seven games has he shot over 40% from the field – despite a career 48.6% average before arriving in Philly – and right now he’s at 34.5% as a 76er. His assist-to-turnover ratio has also plummeted, from a somewhat respectable (for a power forward) 1.89 to a horrendous 1.03.

Knowing Webber’s ability to get downtrodden pretty quickly, this is a dangerous couple of weeks for his owners. It’s too late to try and trade him – although his value couldn’t possibly be much lower right now. So you’ll just have to wait and see how his "knee" (i.e. "ego") holds up through the booing from Philly fans.

Cheap Rebounds Alert

What’s that? You’re in the market for a 35-year old 7-footer who hasn’t been effective in three years? Well, boy, are you in luck. Because Dale Davis has posted double-digit rebounds 2 games in a row filling in for the injured Jermaine O’Neal, and might – might – have some value right now. There hasn’t been much news on O’Neal’s progress with his sprained right shoulder (to this owner's chagrin), so Davis might continue to see about 30 mpg for the foreseeable future. Look for him to settle closer to maybe 8 rebounds a game, but if you’ve got games available at center, and need rebounds, you might want to look at picking up Davis for the short-term. He’s going to hurt you in points, and might help a bit in blocks, but strictly from a rebounds standpoint, he’s cheap and reliable.


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