Monday, March 14, 2005

As the Point Guard Turns

Time for that weekly trip around the league looking at the men who take care of the dishes. Extra helpings of 15 Day Rater this time. Because I’m lazy.

Since the Celtics played the Wizards last night, I got to see the Cs for myself. Man does Gary Payton look old. Best example was when he had a 1-on-1 break against Gilbert Arenas and was hounded into just throwing the ball of the backboard. He’s still putting up halfway decent numbers, but his time is winding down. Meanwhile, Marcus Banks actually looked quite impressive. It helped that he was matched up against Steve Blake, the type of player he can really take advantage of, but he might yet be salvageable. Maybe. The 76ers need to start winning more games if Allen Iverson is to get the MVP votes he deserves. Good to see Jason Kidd bounce back to life with a triple-double. Still, it wasn’t too hard to see that he wouldn’t be able to maintain his ridiculous January pace on one good knee with one good teammate. A very solid week for Rafer Alston. As expected the assists came back just fine, as he averaged 7.3 in his last four. Stephon Marbury’s at #17 on the 15 Day Rater. He’s at #15 for the year, so I guess it’s nothing to get all that excited about. I bet that just like in real life, he’s not on too many fantasy championship squads.

That 47 minutes from Chauncey Billups came in a double-OT game. It’s safe to say now that Carlos Arroyo’s emergence as a dependable backup has hurt Chauncey. He’s #96 in the past 15. He’s better than that, but bump him down a round or two next year. Jeff McInnis continues to struggle. The forgotten Eric Snow is starting to cut into his time. If you need to cut bait, do it. This late in the season you need effective games every night. That’s more like it, Kirk Hinrich. He’s seen 40+ in his last four and is racking up the 3s (2pg), steals (2.5pg) and assists (6.5pg). That’s what you want from a point guard. Chris Duhon 15 Day Rater check: #126. Hey, it’s only one spot worse than Luke Ridnour. The Fred Jones as point guard era sure didn’t last long. It’s back to Anthony Johnson for the Pacers. He’s been getting plenty of assists, and is fine to use if you need to make up the games, but he’s still not a great option. I feel like I’ve been saying this for 5 weeks now. The rumors that Jamaal Tinsley was spotted with Tupac and the guy from Manic Street Preachers are unconfirmed as of this moment. Mo Williams 15 Day Rater check: #16. That’s some sweetness. Because the Bucks are likely to bring in a somewhat capable backup, don’t go crazy on him next year.

Damon Jones has remained pretty quiet. He’s hitting 3s, but not giving you much else anywhere else. Gilbert Arenas 15 Day Rater check: #23, right below Larry Hughes at #22. Gilbert’s knee is bothering him and can be seen by his truly woeful shooting as of late, 35% on 20 shots per game in March. Ouch. Jameer Nelson 15 Day Rater check: #43. Steve Francis? #51. Days until Orlando falls out of the playoffs? Nine. Brevin Knight sure does love to have his monstrous games once in a while. 21 and 17 with 4 steals after missing nearly four games? Hello! And goodbye to Jason Hart. We’ll see you in 7 to 10 days. Yes, Tyronn Lue is at #37 on the 15 Day Rater. New FBB trend – pick up whoever plays point guard for the Hawks in the final third of the season.

Too bad Tony Parker got banged up. He’s been playing well, but as is often the case with him, he’s not quite as valuable as he seems, at #61 on the 15DR. FT% does count, after all. The Spurs will take it easy with all of their players this last month. The Jason Terry rollercoaster continues, with consecutive monster games. Just keep him in the lineup, good lord. He’s #31 on the overall rater this year. And that’s in 29.4 mpg. The guy’s just a top fantasy player. It looked like the Mike James lovefest was over, but hopefully you didn’t cut bait just yet. Bob Sura is rustier than, um, Rusty LaRue, and in two games off the bench James has been good for 17/1.5/5 with 2.5 3s. Still, there’s a big difference between 35 mpg and 25 mpg. Proceed with caution. Ugh. Jason Williams goes down and Earl Watson follows him. That’s not cool. Watson has damaged teeth; Williams has a sprained ankle. Who do you think will be back first? Watson could be in for a decent couple of games. You know what he’s capable of with J-Will out. Dan Dickau saw 31 minutes and had his best game in almost two weeks. But Speedy Claxton has been doing just enough to make Dickau a bit too frustrating to use. I cut bait last week and I don’t feel too bad about it.

It had been three out of four good ones for Luke Ridnour before his latest stinker. There’s really not much separating him from Anthony Johnson right now. Besides points, Andre Miller is putting up his usual numbers. You’d still like those five points back, though. I almost picked up Sam Cassell this morning. Then I punched myself in the neck. I deserved it. Sebastian Telfair sure isn’t starved for minutes, with 36.5 in his last four. He’s playing as expected; strong assists (6.8) and steals (1.5) but brutal shooting (40%) and no 3s. Not bad for a 19-year old, I suppose. Keith McLeod is due for his weekly 18-point/8-assist game within the next couple. See if you can guess which one it will be!

You ever notice how Steve Nash gets lots of assists? That is all he’s doing right now, though. He’s no better than 0.34 in any other category on the 15DR. The departure/injury of a star player always means bigger numbers for those who stick around. But there comes a point where it could become a hindrance. With both Chris Webber and Brad Miller out of the picture, we could be seeing that time for Mike Bibby. His FG% in March is his lowest of the season. But whatever. He’s still The Man. It’s games like Saturday’s 26 and 6 with 6 3s that make you leave Chucky Atkins in the lineup. It’s all Kobe all the time now, but usually one other person per game will step up. He’s still #53 on the 15DR. Ah, Marko Jaric. You make it so easy to keep you on the Eddie Griffin Memorial Never Again List. Rick Brunson gets yet another reprieve. He’s been one of the best assist men lately, but still nothing more than roster filler. It’s just about time for Baron Davis to step into the starting lineup. When he does, he will probably put up his usual studly numbers. Do not let this fool you into taking him in the first four rounds next year. Read those last few sentences again. A few times. Yes, this is for my own good.


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