Monday, February 28, 2005

Weekend Review

Trade Fallout

Chris Webber, Antoine Walker, Baron Davis, and all the other trade pieces made their debuts this weekend, while other teams featured moderately changed lineups as a result of certain players being traded away. How did everyone do?

Chris Webber – He only had one game this weekend, but it was a deliciously ironic matchup against his old squad, the Kings. His game was surprisingly lackluster – he stuck to the outside most of the time on offense, settling for a lot of jumpers, which explained his 7-20 shooting performance. His 11 boards were nice, but as expected he didn’t handle the ball as much with AI on the floor – he had only 1 assist, down from his average of 5.5. However, the fact that he took 20 shots – right in line with his season average – was a good sign.

Antoine Walker – Walker has come out of the gates swinging in Boston. He led the team in scoring in both of their games this weekend, averaging 28.5 points to go along with 11.5 boards and 4 assists. Of course, with ‘Toine, those numbers come at a price. He also averaged 4 turnovers, and the fifty (yes, fifty) shots he took over the weekend were nearly double anyone else’s on the team (Paul Pierce took 27 shots over the same 2 games). Also worrying was the fact that he only hit one 3 all weekend, but that should change. If you’re not concerned with percentages, Walker will be a great player over the rest of the season.

Baron Davis – He came off the bench yesterday to huge applause in Oakland, and played his first significant minutes in over a month. The rust showed, as he only hit 3 of 11 shots, but he dished out 8 assists in his 29 minutes. He’ll be worked back slowly, according to head coach Mike Montgomery, particularly due to the 12-day, 8-game road trip the team is facing. Temper your expectations for Baron, and just hope that there are no setbacks with his injuries.

The Atlanta Hawks – Things are still settling in Atlanta, but as predicted the Big Four are going to be Al Harrington, Josh Childress, Tyronn Lue, and Josh Smith. Not exactly Murderer’s Row, but you gotta work with what you got. The most interesting development over the weekend, though, was Predrag Drobnjak, who averaged 30 minutes, 17 points, 4 boards and a 3 on 55% shooting. Those of you who are thin at center should jump on him while you have the chance.

The New York Knicks – As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s … well … trash. And no one loves trash more than Isiah Thomas does. New Knicks Malik Rose and Maurice Taylor combined for 14 minutes and 4 points on Saturday against the Pacers, and shouldn’t have any more value now than they did before (i.e. none).

The Milwaukee Bucks – Minus Keith Van Horn and Mike James, the Bucks are turning into fantasy heaven for a number of owners. Now, Mo Williams is a startable option each and every night – this weekend he averaged 14.5/8.5 with 2 steals. Desmod Mason actually contributed in something other than scoring last night, grabbing 11 rebounds, a season high. And don’t look now, but former #1 overall pick Joe Smith put up 18/11.5 this weekend, with admittedly little else.


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