Monday, December 06, 2004

Weekend Review

Memphis Slim

Mike Fratello made his debut with the Grizzlies Friday night, and while his players (can we call them the Frat-boys?) won their first game, it wasn't the scoreboard that fantasy players were interested in - our eyes were all on the "minutes" column. Now after 2 games in the Fratello era, there are a few things made a little clearer:

- Pau Gasol has more value. Hopefully you took our advice last Monday and made a move for him. Since Hubie Brown left, Pau has been averaging over 37 minutes per game, with 20.6/12.2 and 1.6 blocks in that span. Those are legit late-second round type numbers.

- Nothing has been decided at PG. Jason Williams got 33 minutes on Friday and had a rough night (2-11 from the field, though he had 12 assists), then he sat out with a bum foot and watched Earl Watson get 30 minutes, with 12 points and 10 assists on Saturday. There are rumors that Fratello likes Watson running the offense more than Williams, but both should continue to get minutes until one gets moved, hurt or benched. Keep an eye on the situation as Watson could be a strong pickup if the gets 30 minutes a night.

- Stromile Swift will, eventually, get the minutes he deserves. Lorenzen Wright got 37 minutes on Friday to Swift's 20, but Fratello wised up and gave Swift 29 minutes to Wright's 19 on Saturday. Get Swift if he's on your waiver wire.

Who's House?

Well that didn't take long. 13 games into his Charlotte tenure, Eddie House was let go, and it looks like that was done in order to clear up some space on the roster for Kareem Rush, who should be arriving from the Lakers any day now. Rush has fallen out of the Laker rotation this year, only getting 6.5 mpg and not doing much of anything with the time he sees on the court. On the Bobcats, however, he could be a very effective swingman. His peak is probably around 15 points, 5 boards, a couple assists and a couple 3's. Wait a few games to see how he fits into the rotation, but should he get starter's minutes, he's probably worth the risk.

The Kidd is Alright

Jason Kidd. He's back. Andboy, do the Nets need him. There is not one person of any fantasy value whatesoever who will be hurt by his return. You might think that Richard Jefferson would take a hit in value, but look for his FG% to jump up over 45% now that he'll be getting the ball in better spots, and seeing fewer double-teams. Alonzo Mourning could start playing some more inspired basketball (no, we don't know what that means either), and look for him to possibly start scoring closer to 15 ppg. Plus if the Nets are in the game late in contests, 'Zo will start seeing more minutes, as well. The best thing about Kidd from a fantasy standpoint is that he doesn't need a lot of shots to have value himself (he rarely shoots over 15 shots per game), and he makes everyone around him so much better.

Around The Perimeter
Now is the time to buy low on Latrell Sprewell, as his owners are probably ready to drop him ... Since when does Brian Cook shoot 3's? Since about the beginning of this season. 40% of his shots this year have been from behind the arc ... Hopefully you were listening when we said Ray Allen's numbers were gonna come down eventually ... Same thing with Tracy McGrady's numbers going up ... The fantasy basketblog crew saw the Wizards/Bulls game in person on Saturday night. 3 comments: 1. Larry Hughes is playing like a man possessed. 2. Tyson Chandler, when he wants to be, can be a top rebounder in this league. 3. Anyone looking for Kwame Brown to contribute anytime soon could be in for a bad couple weeks. Eddie Jordan seems much more comfortable with Michael Ruffin on the floor.


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