Monday, November 08, 2004

Weekend Review

As Worm likes to say, "lots of action. Lots. Of. Action." And in the first weekend of games in the NBA, lots of action is what we got. The Bobcats got their first win in franchise history, Andrei Kirilenko had his second 8-block game of the year, and Shaq once again was held to under 30 minutes, due to foul trouble - though that didn't stop him from going 3-for-12 from the line. What else important happened this weekend? Thanks for asking:


You can't help out a fantasy team if you're not on the court! Early returns on minutes per game show that some guys who weren't considered great bets for early-season minutes are getting more time than expected. For examle: Jeff McInnis is getting 42 minutes in Cleveland, while Eric Snow is seeing less than 30. Jarvis Hayes has passed the 40-minute mark in all 3 Wizards games this year. Ricky Davis has upped his minutes with the Celtics from 29 last year to 38 per game this year. Other notable high-minutes players: Mo Williams (38.0), Derek Anderson and Damon Stoudamire (37.0), and Ron Mercer and Rasual Butler (35.3).

Clank, Clank, Boom

The free throw. The easiest point in all of basketball. Unless, of course, you're the bumbling New York Knicks, who have managed to shoot under 60% as a team. Is that even legal? While Stephon Marbury is holding up his end of the deal, shooting 78.6%, the rest of the squad is shooting a putrid 18-of-35 from the stripe, just 51%. The biggest culprit? Michael Sweetney (10-16), who is certainly off to a good start in other categories, but that's a pretty bad number to start the year.

The Calves?

No team is playing it's rookies more than the Bulls, and while they aren't necessarily "winning" any "games", we're at least getting a chance to see what these young'uns can do. Luol Deng and Andres Nocioni seem to be legit starters on any fantasy squad, and should be picked up immediately if they're somehow still on your waiver wire. Ben Gordon looks like he might need a little more work before finding a spot on your bench - though he's probably already on someone's roster. Finally, Chris Duhon is getting an absurd 33 minutes a game, and though he's not doing much with it - just 3.5 ppg - it's been enough that Dickie V has crowned him this year's Rookie of the Year.


Hey, we over here at Fantasy Basketblog don't like to toot our own horn (too much), but here's what we said about Chris Mihm in our 2004 Position Review: "Mihm could very quietly be a very solid center for your team if Vlade is out for a long time. He’s never seen more than 22 mpg, but with Divac out, it’s him and Medvedenko. If Mihm manages to find 32 minutes a night, he’ll give you 12/8 with 2 blocks. You could do much worse." The lesson here? Read more fantasy basketblog!


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