Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Tuesday Tirades

Juwan Howard is Back On the Mavs?
No, but that's what I think every time i see J. Howard in the Dallas boxscore. Really, that's Josh Howard, the second-year man out of Wake Forest, who had a very promising rookie year, and looks like he might be ready to take off in year two. Howard's minutes in the first 4 Mavs games looks something like this: 19, 23, 32, 44. Now sure, the last game was in OT, but nonetheless it looks like this kid is forcing his way onto the court. Everyone who thought Marquis Daniels (14.3 mpg, 5.5 ppg) was going to be the sensational sophomore in Dallas better think again. Look for Howard to average 12 points, 7 boards, a steal, a block, and maybe a three - at the very least. He's worth a bench or Util spot, to see if he can keep it up.

Passing is Fundamental
While it's no secret that the Jazz are the year's first big success story, what may surprise you is how they're getting it done. With just a FA journeyman (Howard Eisley) and an undrafted second-year player (Keith McLeod) at the point, the Jazz are leading the league in assists, at 26.5 per game. Eisley is dishing out more assists per minute than at any point in his career, and McLeod - who you may have never heard of before this year, for good reason - is dishing out 7 apg. While you shouldn't be running out to grab these guys, if you can sneak the injured Carlos Arroyo away from his current team in a trade, you should do it. Apparently, Jerry Sloan's offense this year means plenty of assists from the point guard position, and Arroyo will be getting 35 minutes plus at that spot this year. Bump his projected value for this year, to 8 or 9 apg.

If Only Crazy Hair Was A Fantasy Category...
We'll admit it. We were pretty down on Ben Wallace in our Season Preview, but hey, give us a break. He didn't get center eligibility until after we wrote it! But we sure didn't see this offensive spark. All of a sudden, Big Ben is actually helping in offensive categories like FG% (55.3) and assists (eight against Toronto), and he's scored in double-digits in every game this year. Sure he's still pathetic from the stripe (42.9%), but progress is progress, people.


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