Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The List

My co-conspirator over here at the fictional Fantasy Basketblog headquarters has a list. It's not actually written out. But it is burned into his brain, and it is with him at all times. It has a name, and a namesake. The namesake I remember. The actual name I can't remember just yet. So, I will rename it. This list is:

"The Eddie Griffin Memorial Never-On-My-Team-Again List"

This list is comprised of fantasy players in a number of sports who tease you and tease you but never really play to their potential and end up just frustrating you and making you angry. The reason I bring up this list is that none other than Eddie Griffin himself is starting to gain some attention up in Minnesota. He's racking up boards and 3's and looking like he could be "back", although he really was never here to begin with. But waiver-wire-buyers beware. He will NOT have a positive impact on your team this year. You are welcome to pick him up, and he'll tease you with nice numbers here and there, but in the end he will just make fantasy basketball a miserable experience.

Of course, Eddie isn't the only member of the Eddie Griffin Memorial Never-On-My-Team-Again List. Here are a few other candidates:

Michael Olowokandi (MIN) - Is the Kandi man the worst #1 overall pick of all time? He's gunning for it. Fantasy players (and NBA teams) have learned their lesson at this point, it appears. Olowokandi always had promise as a center - he would routinely grab 8 boards and block over 1.5 shots per game. But only twice in his career has he averaged over 10 ppg, and one of those seasons he only played 36 games due to injury. When he headed to Minnesota last year, it looked like he might be ready to break out, but injuries and general basketball ineptitiude has rendered him useless. Despite playing only 22.8 mpg, he has fouled out of 4 out of 8 contests so far this year. Wow. Not a good sign.

Darius Miles (POR) - As a 19-year old rookie in 2000, Darius scored 9.4 ppg on 50% shooting, with 5.9 boards, 1.5 blocks, and drooling fantasy basketballers screaming "upside!" wherever he went. 2 years later he was shipped to Cleveland, and in his third year, he scored 9.2 ppg on 41% shooting, with 5.4 boards, 1 block, and unhappy fantasy basketballers glaring at him wherever he went. Now in Portland, he's not doing much better. How a guy can not improve at all (in fact, he may have gotten WORSE) from age 19 to age 23 is beyond me, and will have statistical gurus confused for years. Avoid this guy.

Tim Thomas (NYK) - Hey, a forward that can shoot 3's? I mean, there's gotta be a spot on your roster for a guy like that, right? Wrong. Thomas is the ultimate fantasy tease. While he might get you a 3 pointer every game, and score maybe 13-15 ppg, he has never - and keep in mind, he's a forward - NEVER averaged over 5 boards per game. never averaged 2 assists, or even 1 block. Now he's in the dog house in New York. The end could be nearing for Mr. Thomas. Don't get caught up in it.

Morris Peterson (TOR) - Like Tim Thomas, you figure you can find a spot on your roster for a SF who can shoot 3's, but once again, you'd be wrong. Peterson's "career year", 2002, saw him go 14.1/4.4/2.3 with 1.1 steals and 1.4 3's in 36 mpg. Now, he's down to 22 mpg, and he's absolutely murdering his owners everywhere but in 3's and FT%. At best he's a 3-category guy, and right now it's unclear whether we'll ever see his 'at best' again.


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